Canelo Alvarez cuts Caleb Plant’s eye with a fist during a pre-fight news conference

Boxing’s top super middleweight fighters Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant sold the swing a little earlier than expected before they officially announced their fight at a news conference on Tuesday.

Video from the Los Angeles press conference shows Alvarez (56-1-2, 38k) shaking plant (21-0, 12k) before the two punch each other. The plant was the first to give a thump, although Alvarez’s quick reflection saved him from taking the big left hand from the IBF Super Middleweight Champion. Alvarez then seeks two hits, one of which is the target of the plant’s right eye:

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Warning: Pornography has been used.

According to a report by ESPN’s Mike Coppinger, the plant suffered a “large gas” under its eyes that caused “massive bleeding.”


The two were eventually separated before the clash could escalate further. Anyway, it started after the plant called Alvarez “too many names”, cheating among them. Part of Plant’s allegations stem from the fact that Oscar Valdez – who trained under Eddie Reinoso as part of Tim Canelo – tested positive for a banned substance and was allowed to compete for his WBC Super Featherweight title on September 10.

On Sept. 2 the plant said there was everything outside the Canelo camp “Intentional,” Mention a 2018 incident where Canelo tested positive for a banned substance after eating meat in Mexico. Plant added that Canello’s location and the person experienced in the sport should have known better than to make such an easily avoidable mistake; He thought loudly about how much he had to eat This results in high HGH levels, Persuaded he used it as a cover for taking forbidden substances.

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Alvarez and Plant will fight on November 6 to unify the Super Middleweight Belt for the first time in the four-belt era. Plant Jan has claimed the undisputed IBF Super Championship since January, 201, when he defeated Jose Uzkategui by a unanimous decision. Since then he has retained three successful titles.

He will keep his belt in line for Alvarez with the WBA (Super), WBC, WBO, and The Ring Super Middleweight titles. This will be Alvarez’s fourth straight fight in the weight class after claiming the light heavyweight title on November 12, 201 on. He won the WBA (Super), The Ring and WBC titles against Column Smith by unanimous decision on 1 Dec. , 2020, then May Billy won the WBO against Joe Saunders.

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