Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Week of September 27 – October 3, 2021

Stop laying eggs! On Monday, September 2nd, Mercury reverses, 1bit until October Cotton and backstrokes in your home region. Not everyone on the cancer home front will be quiet, alas. Trying to find a little patch of your peace can lead to some discussion with a neighbor, roommate or family living under your roof. The retro rules the past and, on a positive note, it can reconnect you with an estranged relative or childhood friend. Emotional roller coasters can get a little hampered at this stage. Keep messenger windows open with your top friends because they will need to talk down from your tree … regularly.

Wednesday’s train between Shiny Venus and the fantasy-driven Neptune makes it easy to connect with your deepest aspirations. If that little voice in your head starts whispering and commenting, turn it off. Open yourself up to the abundance that the world has. Put together a virtual vision board on Pinterest, or do it in the old school way with a magazine stack, scissors, and a glue stick. Let yourself be excited to create a life that makes room for a little more decay. Do not keep those visions to yourself! Walk a long way to keep Neptune flowing – and trade ideas with a creative friend. You may hit on a profitable idea for a holiday sales item or a project on the pitch. Let yourself dream!

Where is your limit? This line may become more obscure today than a monet painting on Thursday, when the celestial hedonist Venus and Jupiter trade in friendly fire. It’s very easy to overdo everything from eating to lifting your lips. Also check your tendency to be romantic. With your boyfriend in the eighth house Jupiter and your boyfriend in the fifth house Venus, you can float a bit in those loving feelings. Discussing some of the milestones, such as an engagement bubble, baby or walking together, may be really “too soon”. And sometimes it’s really great sex. But then again, maybe not. If you suppress your desires for too long, this transit loosens your lips. Put the serum of truth down and be careful not to shine things out of fear. Don’t say, “I want to spend more time together” when you really want to say, “I want to sleep on the pillow next to you … every. Curse. Night.” Maybe someone you like will tell you to keep a counter offer or flat out. No. But what is that important information? Being overly strategic will not get you what you want – although we do suggest that you should lean towards Venus’ sweetness and diplomacy when discussing. And remember Mercury’s reverse warning label: go slowly and give people time to consider your requests.

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