Canada Election 2021: Justin Trudeau is expected to be Prime Minister

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political gamble failed to pay off on Monday when Canadian voters returned him to office but denied he was seeking power in parliament.

The late election return on Monday showed that while he is prime minister, it will again be the head of the minority government, Canadian broadcasters speculate.

In August, with his approval rating high, Mr. Trudeau called the election a “snap election,” calling voters two years ago. The goal, he said, was for his Liberal Party to find a strong mandate to pull the country out of the epidemic and recover.

But many Canadians suspected that his real ambition was purely political opportunism and that he was trying to regain the Liberals’ parliamentary majority until he lost his seat in the 2019 election.

Whatever its purpose, it did not work.

While some voters are still voting, preliminary results indicate that the Liberal Party won 156 seats – less than it achieved in 2019 – when its main rival, the Conservative Party, won 123 seats, two gains.

Results Mr. Left Trudeau in a familiar state.

To pass any law, he must once again win over the members of the opposition. And, at least in theory, his party’s shaky grip on power puts his government at risk of being overthrown by parliament.

At the call of the election, Mr. Trudeau argued that, like his predecessors after World War II, his voters needed a strong order to defeat the coronavirus and rebuild the national economy badly damaged by the epidemic.

But many Canadians did not receive the announcement well.

The alarm was that the government did not need to do this when it was holding an election, even when the Delta alternative was pressuring hospitals in some areas, never diminishing for many voters during the 36-day campaign. And Mr. Opponents of Trudeau were quick to identify his move as a reckless seizure of power. Erin O’Toole, the Conservative leader, went so far as to call it “non-Canadian.”

In the end, Mr. Trudeau did not fail to gain a majority in parliament, presumably because he could ruin the goodwill he gained when he led his nation through the coronavirus crisis.

“I think liberals are saying in their minds, ‘Why this, why us – why did we call it that?’

Now, he said, it is unclear how long a Liberal minority government will be able to stay together and what that will mean for the party leader. “How long will Trudeau last?” Mrs. Spears is surprised.

When Trudeau ran for the Liberal Party for the first time in 2015, some political experts thought he could remove it. He began the campaign in third place, behind the current Conservative and left-leaning New Democratic Party.

He won by presenting himself as a new voice in politics with a different perspective and a different idea to go along with it.

But that young politician was rarely seen this time.

Mr. 49 Trudeau, 49, gives voters less than a warning vision for the future, sometimes explicitly: Mr. Returning to a conservative government under O’Toole, he said his government’s success in various areas would erase their gun control, gender equality, climate change, child care, poverty reduction and, above all, fight epidemics and vaccinate Canadians.

“Mr. At a campaign rally in Surrey, British Columbia last week, he said, ‘Don’t be sure travelers sitting next to you and your kids on a train or plane.'” It’s a moment of real leadership. Mr. O’Toole doesn’t lead – he’s confused.

But Mr. In O’Toole, the Prime Minister was fighting a different opposition than the Conservative leaders he had faced in the previous two campaigns.

“I’m a new leader in a new style,” Mr. O’Toole, who took charge of the team just a year ago, said at the start of the campaign. “There are five teams but two choices. Canadian Conservatives or similar. ”

A former Air Force helicopter navigator and Ontario corporate lawyer, Mr. O’Toole, seeking to spread the Conservatives’ appeal, created a 1,160-page campaign platform that repeatedly pushed the party back to the center, as opposed to the carbon tax. .

Mr. O’Toole, however, maintained his opposition to compulsory vaccinations and vaccine passports.

Mr. O’Toole repeatedly Mr. Trudeau has attacked with quotes of personal honesty, as the Conservatives have repeatedly made several low points in parliament, the prime minister’s career.

The Federal Ethics Commissioner observed that Mr. Trudeau broke the ethics law when he and his staff pressured his justice minister, an Indigenous woman, to offer a deal to a large Canadian engineering firm so that it could be convicted of corruption. Last year, a charity close to the Trudeau family awarded a no-bid agreement to run the Covid-1 financial aid scheme for students. The team withdraws, the program is canceled, and Mr. Trudeau was acquitted of the charge of conflict of interest.

And when Mr. Trudeau, the champion of diversity and racial justice, then came out during the 2019 vote that he wore Blackface or Brownface at least three times in the past.

“Every Canadian has met a Justin Trudeau in their life – privileged, deserving and always looking for the No. 1,” Mr. O’Toole said during the campaign. “He will say something to be elected, no matter how much our country suffers.”

Mr. Returning to the criticism, Trudeau said Mr. O’Toole’s willingness to abandon Conservative policy and change the campaign in the middle of his platform showed that he would tell or promise voters something.

When many voters curiously pulled their elbows and Mr. He posed for a selfie with Trudeau at the end of the campaign, and his campaign was often disrupted by unruly crowds protesting the mandatory vaccine and vaccine passport. An event was canceled due to security concerns, and Mr. Trudeau was hit with a pebble in the other.

Mr. Trudeau was a strong political rival to the Left nationally, along with Jagmeet Singh of the New Democrats. Mr Singh, a lawyer and former Ontario provincial legislator, received the highest approval ratings of all leaders before and during the campaign. But personal popularity was not enough: his team won three seats but won a total of two.

Before the election, the New Democrats will probably field Mr. Trudeau’s primary source of support in parliament.

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