Cake Palmer has her big chops, her hair falling in love again, and the work of beauty

You I know This lady. Actress Keke Palmer is always clear and open, so it’s no surprise that she’s happy to talk about the ups and downs of her hair journey.

“When I was younger, I loved my hair,” Palmer told But after styling her hair for a few years, “It just got to a certain point where I started to feel like I didn’t know my hair as much as before. I didn’t feel as comfortable with my natural hair either. That’s when I started to think, OK, I needed to do something. I needed to reconnect with my hair. “

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The only thing Palmer did that she knew would force her to resume her hair journey: “I just shaved my head completely.” Fresh chops work immediately. “I felt very independent and beautiful. My identity was not so burdened on my hair. I became much, much freer and more comfortable. I was excited to start my hair anew, grow it and be the best of it.”

Knowing what her hair needs and how to take care of it has become a new priority. “Then, I really had a lot of time to get to know my hair, to learn what kind of natural product I could put in it, how to use it without heat and learn to give it different styles, and just fall in love with it again.”

Custom Co-Wash

Beauty work


Part of that journey was finding products that would help Palmer achieve her new hair goals. “I’m too much about my fro,” he says. “I want to continue to give it the right thing to get nourished and grow, and be as loud and proud as possible.” In the case of products, Palmer personalizes whatever he wants. “I’m looking for nice clean products and things made for me.”

So it’s no surprise that Beauty’s new custom co-wash function immediately appealed to her. “I’m a firm believer in co-washing,” Palmer said. “They revitalize your hair without removing all the positive oils.” Another advantage of the function of beauty product? “When I did the whole questionnaire, I was able to be very precise. When I got the product, I used it very quickly because it looked so good on my hair.”

Co-wash lets Palmer still play with his style, but this time at a loss. “Depending on how I want to do it, sometimes I’ll set up a flexi rod, where I’ll actually put the co-wash and then wrap around. Other times, I’ll put the co-wash, take a little moisture foam wrap, my Rotate it with your fingers, and let it air dry. It works on everything. “Then, when Palmer doesn’t feel like styling,” I can wear it like a wash and go. “

The growing availability of products for natural hair and appreciation for one’s texture is a positive step. “Now, people are encouraging each other to do natural things and don’t feel the pressure to get a very eurocentric look,” Palmer says. “People in particular place things like the Crown Act and advise on hairstyles that aren’t always put forward, or are considered professional or respectable. I think many of us are trying our best to change that. Ideal.”

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