Buy a beat-down increase stock and avoid one

Increased stock returns or prices can be much more volatile than stocks. This is because the likelihood of growth may change suddenly and this means that the share price may rise or fall rapidly. These two US growth stocks have lost their value over the past few months. In one case, I felt it gave me an ideal opportunity to buy. In other cases, I think it represents a more serious problem, and a stock that I am avoiding.

Social media giant

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has risen in value over the past few years, up 750% from its 2012 IPO. But sentiment has fallen recently, with the stock down nearly 16% since the beginning of September. This is due to a storm of bad news, including advertising problems, and a whistleblower company accusing it of making a profit before public safety. This has dampened investors’ optimism.

One killer stock for cyber security surge

Cyber ​​security is on the rise, experts predict The cyber security market will reach 366 billion US dollars by 2028Is it more than double today!

And with this kind of growth, this North American company has become the biggest winner.

Because their patented “self-repair” technology is changing the cybersecurity landscape as we know it …

We think this is likely to be the next famous technology success story. In fact, we think it could get so big… or even Bigger than Shopify.

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There is also a risk that if the company reports its Q3 earnings this evening, it will lead to a profit decline. In fact, due to the change in privacy initiated by Apples Recently, which has allowed iPhone users to opt-out of apps from tracking their web activity and preventing targeted ads, there are risks that some companies may avoid advertising through Facebook. These new privacy measures have contributed to a 26% reduction Snap On Friday, as they hit revenue. Shares of Facebook fell 6% on the day.

But while this risk should be considered, I think it is too much to ignore the benefits of this growth stock. In fact, the company has been able to increase its annual revenue by at least 20% per year, and despite the problems raised by the epidemic, there is no evidence that this growth rate has slowed down. In fact, in the previous quarter, Facebook reported a 56% increase in revenue and a 101% increase in net income.

Companies are coming back to more advertising after the epidemic subsided somewhat. Facebook is seen as a major beneficiary of this and it can help increase more profits for the future. As such, I am very tempted to buy this growth stock.

Avoid a rising stock?

Out of the flesh (NASDAQ: BYND) has several positive aspects, most notably it is operating in a high-growth market and has managed to increase revenue from $ 32m in 2017 to $ 407m last year. But there are several reasons that keep me from this growth stock.

For example, on Friday, shares fell 14% as the company’s Q3 revenue guidance fell from $ 130m to $ 106m. This was due to the huge number of coronavirus cases, labor shortages and operational challenges. For me, it shows that the company fights in the face of headwind, something I don’t like in a growing company.

Further, I am concerned about the competition facing Beyond Meet. These include Impossible Foods, which continues to increase its retail presence by reducing prices for shoppers. Unfortunately for Beyond Meat, it has reduced its market share, and could also reduce potential margins. This anxiety is keeping me away from this stock.

Is this little known company the next ‘Monster’ IPO?

At the moment, this ‘Scream to buy’ The stock is trading at a steep discount from its IPO price, but seems to be skyrocketing in the years ahead.

Because this North American company is the clear leader in its field which is assumed Worth US $ 261 billion by 2025.

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Randy Zuckerberg, former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook and sister of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is a member of the board of The Motley Flower. Stuart Blair has no position on any of the shares mentioned. The Motley Fool UK owns shares and is recommended by Apple, Beyond Meat, Inc., and Facebook The Motley Fool UK recommends the following options: Long March 2023 $ 120 calls to Apple and short March 2023 $ 130 calls to Apple. Opinions about the companies mentioned in this article may differ from those of the author and therefore our official recommendations for subscription services such as Share Advisor, Hidden Winner and Pro. Here at The Motley Fool we believe that different ranges of insights are considered Our good investors.

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