Bryson Tiller wants you to eat pizza to help the community

Louisville, Kentucky singer and songwriter Bryson Tyler Hoping to release a new work next month.

In an exclusive interview last week, he told us, “If all goes well, I’ll definitely come up with my next new project next month.”

The Trapsol The artist has released a project from his 2020 studio album, Anniversary But was busy with the feature, like Tie swing sign “By myself”, and single, with “pull up” T-Dock. More importantly, however, Tyler is giving back to the community.

The “no” singer is sharing Shakil O’Neill And Papa John’s Pizza for the purpose campaign, which donates 1 from each Shak-e-Roni company pizza sold to The Papa John’s Foundation for the building community.

“It’s great to be part of Papa John’s,” Tyler said of the initiative. “At Christmas I would go out and cook something and go home to my church. We are very big in the community and I always help them so I thought helping the community with Papa Johns was dope.”

The Shaak-e-Ronnie Pie XL comes with extra cheese and extra pepperoni with foldable slices. We asked Bryson, who worked to make dough for Daddy John’s back, what he thought of pizza, and when he didn’t usually go for extra cheese, he fell in love with the vegetable creation. “I never got it [Shaq-a-Roni Pizza] Like this, but I really enjoy it, the other day I had a whole box of my own.

This is actually the second year of the exclusive drop with board member and franchise Shakil O’Neill and it will run for a limited time from now until October 24th. Regardless of the amount of Shake-a-Ronis sold, The Papa Johns Foundation will donate $ 250,000 to UNCF, $ 500,000 to boys ‘and girls’ clubs, and 10,000 10,000 to the Baltimore Hunger Project, adding new ways to highlight local, community-centered organizations.

In addition to the new music and the efforts of his father John, Tyler also shared his thoughts on this past 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

He reveals to BET that he is actually a big one Creator Tyler Fans, who won several awards, including the “Cultural Impact Award.” “I’m definitely a big fan of Tyler. During that time I became a big fan Igor, But I got to see how much the fans really climbed for him and how much they love him. He really takes culture forward, so this award is understandable for him. ”

Similarly, he has shown affection for her Nellie, Winner of the “I Hip Hop Award”. “Because he wears the Air Force,” he tells us, adding the rapper’s slang and Midwest origins as influences.

We will keep an eye on what he will do next.

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