Bryson Dichambur Rider Cup record: How Team USA looks to avoid a repeat of the 2018 disaster

Team USA is looking for its third win in the last 20 years in the 2021 Rider Cup. The last two wins for the United States were in 2008 and 2016.

Since Team USA is hoping to get the trophy back this weekend, let’s not forget the horrific loss in 2018. This was the second largest margin of defeat in the history of the American team, 17.5-10.5.

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Here’s a breakdown of what went wrong with the 2018 team:

Bryson Dichembo Rider Cup record

While there was plenty to blame for the tour, it didn’t help that a few USA golfers went undefeated. One of those golfers was Bryson Dichambue (0-3-0) for his first Ryder Cup win. This is her first time representing Team USA, and she went 0-2 in the quarterfinals and 0-1 in the singles. De Chambeo did not speak publicly about his winless record.

Golf Digest recently featured 24 golfers who will participate in this year’s Rider Cup. DeChambeau was ranked 18th overall and was the second-lowest teammate in the United States despite his world ranking at No. 7, due to his unbeaten record in team play, including not winning any of his presidential cup rounds.

Dichambu led the PGA Tour with the highest driving average of 323.7 yards. He claims that his hand was “damaged” because of his driving technique. However, he followed up this week that it was no problem.

DeChambio will also be in talks for a drama surrounding him and Brooks Koepka, although DeChambio said through The Athletic on Tuesday that they were moving forward with their dispute.

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Woods and Mickelson were undefeated

After Dichambo went unbeaten in 2018, Rider Cup veterans Phil Mickelson (0-2-0) and Tiger Woods (0-4-0) also failed to win for Team USA. Woods 1 has not played for the Ryder Cup winning team since 1999. These three players were elected captain of Furik, the fourth was Tony Finau, who scored two points for the team.

Woods was the fourth U.S. team member in history to lose four points.

In 2008, 2008 and 2011, Woods did not play for either team. This year, he will not participate in the Ryder Cup as an official captain or as a player due to a fatal car accident that occurred in February. Mickelson will co-captain Steve Stricker this year.

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What else went wrong in 2018

Additionally, Team Europe had a home course facility as the Ryder Cup was held in France. Eleven of the U.S. golfers only played in the Tour Championship and blamed fatigue as one of the reasons for the poor performance, especially added to the jet lag. Since this year’s event is being held on the Whistler Street in Wisconsin, they don’t have to worry about the big difference in timing.

Looking back this week, six golfers from the 2018 team are back, including Justin Thomas (4-1-0) and Jordan Spith (3-2-0), who had the best two records for Team USA in 2018. The other six 2021 teammates have never participated in the Ryder Cup, so they have a lot to learn.

The 2021 Rider Cup starts on Friday, September 24 and runs until Sunday, September 26.

Rider Cup past winners

In the history of the tournament, Team USA has won 266, while Team Europe has won only 114. However, in the last 20 years, Team USA has won only twice (200, 201).

Years Winner Location
2018 Europe Le Golf National, France
2016 America Hazelton National, Minnesota
2014 Europe Gleneagles Resort, Scotland
2012 Europe Medina, Illinois
2010 Europe Celtic Manor Resort, Wales
200 America Valhalla Golf Club, Kentucky
2006 Europe K Club, Ireland
2004 Europe Oakland Hills, Michigan
2002 Europe The Belfry, England
1999 America Country Club, Massachusetts

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