Brian Laundry: Medical examiner and cadaver dog were called to the park where investigators found laundry items

The FBI Tampa, which plans to issue a statement at 4:30 p.m. Confirmed in a tweet “Items of interest” were found at Carlton Reserve on Wednesday morning for a search of laundry. An FBI response team is processing the scene, the FBI said.

Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, told the FBI and North Port Police Department Tuesday night that they wanted to come to Mayakkahatchi Creek Environmental Park on Wednesday morning to look for him, family attorney Steven Bartolino said. He said law enforcement met them there on Wednesday morning.

Bartolino said after a “brief search” of laundry often from a trail, family and law enforcement found “some of his articles.” He could not provide further details on what or how many items were found.

Bartolino said law enforcement is now conducting a more thorough investigation into the area.

A Sarasota County Medical Examiner was called to the scene, and the Pascoe County Sheriff’s Office said a dead dog and two spotters were also at the scene. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office’s Emergency Response Team and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are now on the scene with a mobile unit and a tent.

North Port police declined to comment.

The discovery comes amid an extensive search for laundry that has now been extended for more than a month and authorities are trying to reconcile what happened with Petito.
Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is located on 160 acres of heavy woodland in North Port, Florida, with trails and a camping area. The park is connected to the Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre nature reserve that is a place of initial exploration for investigators.
Investigators have previously used wetland bogies, divers and airboats to search for wetlands, but the area has recently dried up due to clear weather.

How we got here

Petito, 22, and Laundry, 23, traveled around the western United States in a white van this summer, while regularly posting photos and stories on their social media pages. Although these posts closed abruptly in late August, Laundry then returned to their home in North Point, Florida, where they lived with her parents, 1 September.

Petito’s family, unable to contact him, reported his disappearance 10 days later, launching a national search. Laundry refused to cooperate in the investigation of his whereabouts and soon after he also went missing. Her family has told investigators they believe she went to a nearby nature reserve.

Petito’s remains were found Sept. 19 in a national forest in Wyoming, where the couple was last seen together. Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue pronounced his death a homicide and said he died of suffocation.
Here is what we know about the disappearance of Brian Laundry

“We believe it was suffocated by a man,” Blue told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Laundry was not explicitly involved in Petito’s murder, but in the days following Petito’s last words to his family, he was subject to a federal arrest warrant for unauthorized use of another person’s debit card.

While their social media posts look beautiful, their relationship has been full of tension and conflict in recent months. Petito called his mother regularly, and those conversations revealed that there was “more tension” in Petito’s relationship, according to a police affidavit for an external hard drive search warrant found in the couple’s van.

According to audio provided by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, the couple was involved in a domestic dispute and were stopped by police in Moab, Utah, in August, when a 911 caller told senders he had seen a man hit a woman, according to audio provided by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office.

In a Moab police report, another eyewitness told police he saw the couple arguing over the phone. Witnesses said that when he got into the laundry van, Petito was seen hitting him in the arm and then climbing through the driver’s side door as if he had locked him, the report said.

After interviewing Petito, Laundry and witnesses, officers described the incident as an argument that turned into a physical fight involving pushing and scratching.

CNN’s Madeleine Holcomb and John Pasantino contributed to this report.

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