Brian Herbert ‘Dune’: ‘My Dad Can See the Future’

Perhaps the most relevant level, at the moment, is environmentalism.

Yes. Frank Herbert has read everything. He once told me that he could not read a page of an encyclopedia without reading the opposite page. One of the things he noticed was that there was something in history that he called hydraulic diplomacy. And that meant that the team – the team that controls water in Mesopotamia – would control the environment. So he started thinking about it and he started thinking about limited resources and he became zero in the water. So if water were your limited resource, let’s turn it into a desert. He was thinking far away. The The whole world catalog, Which was … I don’t mean to say it was a hippie publication. I mean, I went to school in Berkeley, so I don’t want to sound insulting. But The whole world catalog Loves Hill. He lectured on First Earth Day in April 1970 in Philadelphia. He said, “I do not want to say to my grandchildren, ‘There is no earth left for you. We used it all. ‘He was very complex.

Did you know that your dad had a big deal when you were younger?

I didn’t get along very well with my dad until I was twenty years old. But I remember one day I was walking towards Caramel or Big Tune, and I was sitting in the back of this Volkswagen. These long haired kids picked me up, we just started talking, and they said, “Well, what does your dad do for a living?” I said, “Well, he’s a newspaper, he’s a reporter San Francisco Examiner. Oh, and he’s writing, he’s writing a little too. “So they said, ‘Well, what did he write?’Dragon in the sea And Hill. And literally they pulled the car off the road and they looked at me and said,Hill?! I had no idea. I was 19 years old. I didn’t know it was a great book.

As a Bay Area person, what do you see? Tune ‘Impact on technology?

When I was growing up in the 1950s, we didn’t have television, [my father] It didn’t want to be around. So he has extrapolated to science fiction just like us. So What, what, what if … and what if computers run everything and they enslave us and then we have to be free? He certainly came up with everything, of course before Terminator And all that stuff. He was precinct, you know; He could see into the future, just like some of his characters.

Russian hackers who invaded Ukraine a couple of years ago have encoded references Hill In their malware. This is how they got the name Sandworm. Do you know about him?

No, but it doesn’t surprise me that it’s so widespread. I wish they didn’t use it Hill Name for that kind of thing, though.

Yes. Creators eventually lose control of their creations, don’t they? Once your fans can’t help but wonder what they can do with your idea when they move into the world.


Have you ever wondered? HillOf Impact on something like Burning Man? They both do drugs in the desert and find themselves.

We live in what Dad calls the “Light Switch Society.” He liked to think about what would happen if you couldn’t access all those technologies. When he was a professor at the University of Washington, he taught a class called Utopia Dystopia. He liked to take his students to the forest and camp there with them and in fact the way he lived in the forest in their childhood. He used to teach them how to survive from the land. You don’t bring things there. You will fish. You’re going to find things you’re going to eat, insects from the bottom of a log. You’re going to eat red ants, you know, things like that. So Burning Man is a similar thing in which we have to think if we don’t have the things that we allow.

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