Break up with your broadband provider to be pain free!

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Have you ever tried switching broadband providers but insisted on working with new and old? Working with end dates and start dates and crossing your fingers can have the effect that you won’t lose your internet for a week.

Soon, it will be fair One What to do when switching your broadband. Ofcom will soon launch a new service that will make it as easy as changing your power supplier. Simple! Let’s take a look.

Makes it easy for broadband providers to switch

One Touch Switch should make it as easy as possible to sever ties with your broadband provider. Got a good deal? Great! You will soon be able to switch to cheap broadband without any hassle.

At the moment, it is relatively easy to switch between OpenRich’s broadband network users. If you want to go from BT to the sky, the process is relatively painless.

However, if there is any kind of switch between the network or technology – say gorgeous from Virgin Media – then you want to work with both new and old suppliers at the same time. You may find that your existing provider will try to prevent you from switching.

The new One Touch Switch service will take all this. The added bonus is that suppliers will have to compensate customers if they leave without using the internet on multiple working days during the change. In the post-epidemic ‘Let’s work from home’ era, this is a big advantage.

Saving your money

The important thing here is that you can save money by simplifying the process of switching broadband providers.

Much like home insurance or energy, broadband packages vary. It should be a matter of you comparing the suppliers and finding the best deal for you.

But the difficulty and hassle of switching broadband providers is currently shutting down many of us. Ofcom’s data shows that more than 40% of people have stopped switching due to trouble.

With the introduction of the One Touch Switch, switching broadband providers will be similar to switching current accounts. You will accept your agreement with your new broadband provider, and they will pick the rest. So the switch will no longer be adjusted, will have to face double payments or will be left without an internet connection.


It is assumed that this is not happening That’s right All providers far away have to launch the service by April 2023, which is still 18 months away.

There has also been criticism that the new service did not really solve the problem of pay TV providers. It could be that your broadband has been integrated with voice calls and pay TV. So how can you differentiate it and achieve a seamless switch in that case?

Unfortunately, this seems to be a problem for another day.

Remember to compare

While it may be easy to switch, it’s not always clear who needs to switch. You can see that broadband comparison sites are a great tool for comparing likes.

You need to think about your usage and what kind of broadband speed you need. If you work from home or teens who like to upload multiple tic tac toe videos, you probably need a quick service!

It can also depend on what is available in your area. It is good to see if this is a fixed term contract and if there is any use cap.

Finally, make sure the price is right. If you enter into a contract for a certain period of time, consider that this is something you can pay for the next 12, 18 or 24 months.

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