Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he is “upset” at the death of Kovid Coronavirus epidemic news

The remarks by the right-wing president came just days after Brazil surpassed the death toll of 1,000,000 coronaviruses, sparking public outrage.

Brazil’s far-right president, Zaire Bolsonaro, has said he does not want to be “disturbed” by questions about the number of coronavirus deaths, just days after Brazil surpassed 600,000 deaths to become the world’s second-largest country.

Bolsonaro একজন a Covid-1 ske skeptic who has reduced the severity of the virus হয়েছিল was surrounded by supporters on Guaruza beach in the state of Sao Paulo on Monday when a journalist asked him about the death toll.

“In which country did people not die? Tell me! “He replied.” Look, I’m not here to bother. “

Brazil surpassed the deaths of 600,000 coronaviruses on Friday, the country’s health ministry announced, sparking further public outcry against Bolsonaro’s epidemic.

For months, the president has rejected calls for restrictions such as lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus, while public health officials have condemned his government for failing to protect COVID-19 vaccines quickly.

Thousands took to the streets to demand Bolsonaro’s impeachment on charges of epidemics and corruption, but he remained adamant and continued to reject public health measures.

On Sunday, Bolsonaro claimed that the Covid-1 prot protocol in the football match prevented him from taking part in the Brazilian Championship football match in the city of Santos.

“Why a vaccine passport? I wanted to see Santos now and they said I needed to be vaccinated. Why should it be? “Bolsonaro told reporters. Santos said Bolsonaro did not ask to join the match.

Authorities allowed clubs to fill up to 100 percent of the seats available at the Brazilian Championship Games this week, but protocol agreed by the Brazilian Football Confederation says all people inside the stadium must be vaccinated and recently tested.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Senate committee, which began investigating Bolsonaro’s epidemic policies in April, is expected to release a final report in the coming weeks.

This could put further pressure on the president before next year’s scheduled election.

Former Brazilian leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has not officially announced that he will run in the election, with polls suggesting Lula could easily defeat Bolsonaro.

On Friday, Brazil hung 600 white scarves on Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana beach in honor of all those who died during the nonprofit Rio de Paz epidemic.

“The president has discouraged sanitary standards, challenged the use of masks, denounced social distance, opposed mass vaccinations – which is why we have this bitter number,” said Antonio Costa, the group’s president.

“These are thousands of dinging families,” he said, referring to the scarves on the beach. “One day, we will find out how many of them have died, lost their lives, because they have heard denial speeches from some of our major government authorities.”

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