Brave, Phillies go head to head with balance split

With the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies engaged in an old-fashioned battle for the NL East title, the wild card is impossible for anyone to finish second.

They will face off in a three-match series from Tuesday.

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Atlanta leads the division by 2 1/2 games, which means Phyllis will have a chance at at least two in Georgia this week. Philadelphia were able to hold on to the run with five wins in a row, but Phyllis finally lost to last-placed Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Philadelphia ace Jack Wheeler is expected to start against Atlanta’s Charlie Morton on Tuesday night.

Enjoy this series, as there aren’t many head-to-head matchups left between the teams following the post-season spots. The New York Yankees go to Toronto because they both run after the American League wild card, but then Toronto faces Baltimore and the Yankees fight a Tampa Bay team that has already beaten AL East.

Boston, which is in a mix of wild cards, plays in Baltimore and Washington.

Seattle hosts Oakland, and everyone on that team still has a shot in the post-season, but then the Mariners face the Angels and the Oakland Astros face off – Houston may have won the AL West by then.

In the National League, the Giants (102-54) and Dodgers (100-56) keep up the pressure for the NL West title কারণ as they try to avoid wild cards and single elimination matchups that will likely be against the Ging Upstarts. Louis. But San Francisco and Los Angeles have finished their season two series. Instead, the Giants face the Diamondbacks and the Padres, and the Dodgers face the Padres and the NL Central Champion Brewers.

Once Brave and Phyllis finish playing with each other, the Atlanta Mets face off and the Philadelphia Marlins face off.

In other words, they will have a say in who will play in the play-offs.

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Three teams have already won the division titles. Ray defeated Miami 3-3 on Saturday night to win the AL East. Earlier in the week, the Chicago White Sox beat AL Central 2-2 against Cleveland on Thursday. It was the team’s first division title since 200 since.

St. Louis has won 16 matches in a row, but that won’t be enough to catch Milwaukee in the NL Central. The Brewers finished the division on Sunday with a 4-0 victory over the Mets.

Trivia time

In 1993, Philadelphia defeated Atlanta in eight games in the NL Championship Series. In their careers, Kurt Schilling, Greg Maddox, Tom Glavin and John Smaltz combined to win 51 postseason. How many wins did they have in that series?

Line of the week

Shoei Ohtani has five home runs in the season, but his big success on Saturday night tripled his first two innings as Los Angeles beat Seattle 1-1-1. Ohtani had three runs and three RBIs in that game. He has seven triplets this season, the only major shy of leading the major leagues in this category.

Come back next week

The Dodgers had two outs and no one at the top on the ninth Thursday, trailing 5-4 in Colorado. Then Mookie Bates, Corey Cigar and Treya Turner hit a drawn single, trying the game. Los Angeles scored twice in the tenth to win 7-5. According to Baseball Savant, the Rockies had a 96.5% chance of winning while in ninth place.

Make noticeable

Miami right fielder Jesus Sanchez crossed a flyball against Washington on Monday night, but he was able to hold his right hand and make the catch with his bare hands.

Trivia North

The 14-year-old won the series 2-2, Glavin and Maddox. Schilling, the series MVP, was settled for two indecisions.

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