Bradley Zimmer of Cleveland hit Kyle with a home run

The seemingly extraordinary nature of running away from your brother's house probably didn't lose Bradley Zimmer, or his brother, pitcher Kyle Zimmer, though the latter wouldn't be too keen to admit it.

The seemingly extraordinary nature of running away from your brother’s house probably didn’t lose Bradley Zimmer, or his brother, pitcher Kyle Zimmer, though the latter wouldn’t be too keen to admit it.
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Remember playing baseball on the street with your siblings? Your brother or sister will both play the role of announcer and pitcher. They come up with some irrational scenes every time with a rubber toe such as “two out, full count, ninth floor, down by three, base load, World Series Game 7, and the fate of the universe will be determined by the outcome of this game.” Faced with imaginary pressure, you sway for the fence and push the ball into your neighbor’s front yard, which was considered enough for a home run, and you would surround the bases while jumping for pleasure and your first pumping in the air. After that epic victory, Mom would invite you two to dinner and talk about how you won the World Series and how you felt a good victory, and even though your parents told you not to despair, the sad look on your siblings’ face made the victory much sweeter. Has done. You officially had the right to be arrogant, and nothing can take away from you.

It was one of the best feelings in the world, wasn’t it? Well, I think Bradley Zimmer of Cleveland took this feeling to the maximum.

During the eighth inning of yesterday’s Indians-Royals game, Cleveland outfielder Bradley Zimmer came up on the plate to face his brother Kyle Zimmer and started a single shot to give his team a 7-3 lead. If I were Bradley, I would immediately ask the Indians to save that clip and send it to me. I want to cherish that moment forever. I want to send it to my brother every day, and twice on his birthday. Any time my brother did something even the smallest significant thing I would tweet it, because I hit my brother with an atom, and he can’t do anything about it.

This is the first time since 1975 that a “brother-of-brother” home run has hit the MLB game, and the fourth since 1900.

Also, where credit is to be given, this was not the first time the two Zimmers at the Major League level have squared against each other. In fact, the two of them were face to face Twice before. In their first two meetings, Kyle actually took advantage, because he didn’t let his brother get hurt and actually let Bradley down the strike once. I’m sure Kyle reminded his brother of that in exchange for their text this morning.

What would bother me if I were Kyle, if you look up? “Kyle Zimmer hits his brother“On YouTube, all the top results are either someone else hitting their brother, or Bradley Zimmer’s home run. Just salt on that wound.

Hopefully Kyle will get a shot at the release with his brother as the Indians and the Royals have started a Three game sets at Kaufman Stadium If I’m Kyle tonight, I’m throwing everything I have in Bradley and the kitchen sink. I’m a first-pitch slider, talking dirty break in his backfoot, I can even think of throwing something to confuse my brother that I’ve never thrown before. The Royals have nothing to play with at the moment, so why not have a little fun in such a healthy moment, right?

For Bradley, he has to make sure he never lets his brother stay under that homer. She needs to make sure Kyle never forgets. She needs to hang a framed picture of that swing on her mantle and create a custom dormitory with the date it happens, because I guarantee if the tables are turned on, Kyle will do exactly the same.

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