Bradley Rhea on his emerging threat to the Middleweight Division: ‘More people will sit up and watch’ | Boxing News

Bradley Rhea says he is a ‘secret’ threat to Middleweight, but believes that British rivals already know about his brutal intentions after a suffocating victory.

The 2-year-old showed off his ruthless instincts by flooring Lee Cutler three times during his first-round victory in March, and he returns to Saturday’s Hoogy Fury vs. Christian Hammer Bill, live on Sky Sports.

Rhea is a growing contender in a domestic division that also includes world title challengers like Chis Ubank Jr. and Liam Williams, but she is keen to boost her reputation with another stunning victory.

“It wasn’t easy, but I’m finally ready to come out now,” Rhea told Sky Sports.

“My last fight, many didn’t know who I was, but they realized the mystery was coming out. Certainly in the next few months, more people will sit up and notice.

“I’m big in weight. I won well last time. There are some top people in the division, some great fights to be had.

Bradley is undefeated at Rhea 10

“I think I’m pretty cheating. A lot of people will look at me and think, ‘Tall, skinny, ginger baby. Nothing more.

“But I can fight, I can really fight. I can blend my styles pretty well. I’m always in recreational fights, whatever.”

With an unbeaten record of 10 fights, Rhea is moving closer to a title fight and she is planning to hunt down the current champions.

Bradley Rhea
Bradley Rhea fights Jazz Smith on Saturday, live on Sky Sports

“It’s exciting, because I’m now getting to exactly where I’m being referred to with these other guys,” he said.

“Before, I wasn’t really there, I was one step down. But they would look at me, have a look at me and be a little worried.

“Since I was eight years old, I wanted the British title. It was a dream of mine. That’s the goal for the next few years. I want to pick the title along the way. I like the idea of ​​going. That old school route. English, British, Commonwealth.

“Whoever got their title, whoever is on the way, I’m happy to be able to do those fights.”

Bradley Rhea
Bradley Rhea wants to be Manchester’s hero

As one of Manchester’s warmest young talents, Rhea is keen to emulate the accomplishments of Ricky Hatton and Anthony Crawler who drew a host of fans through their dramatic title wins.

“I’ve had my dream since I was a kid, boxing at the sold-out Manchester Arena,” Rhea said. “I was able to tick it off the list.

“I really think I have a style that people can leave behind and follow a bit. Hopefully one day we can sell the place like Ricky and the ants.”

Sky Sports Boxing Schedule

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Emanuel Navarette vs Joet Gonzalez – WBO featherweight title

October 16 – Boxer in Newcastle
Savannah Marshall vs. Lalita Mujeya – WBO Middleweight title
Hoogy Fury vs. Christian Hammer
Chris Ubank Jr. vs. Wanik Abidjan
Lewis Ritson vs. Hank Lundy

October 24 – Atlanta tops
Shakur Stevenson vs. Jamel Herring – WBO Super -Fatherweight Title

October 31 – Top spot in New York
Jose Jepeda vs. Jose Vargas

November 6 – Top spot in Las Vegas
Mikayala Maya vs. Maiva Hamduche – IBF and WBO Super – Featherweight Title

November 6 – Boxer at Liverpool

November 20 – Boxer in London
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