Bolsonaro: Demand for verification of Brazilian leader at UN

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Photo captionPresident Bolsonaro spoke on the first day of the UN General Assembly

Brazilian President Bolsonaro, the first head of state to address the UN General Assembly in New York, made several demands about his record in office.

We see what he said and how accurate we were.

More than 140 million Brazilians, who represent about 90% of our adult population, received the first dose.

President Bolsonaro himself has chosen not to be vaccinated.

He has also publicly expressed skepticism about the vaccine, which at one point suggested that side effects could turn people into crocodiles.

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Photo captionMore than half a million Brazilians have died in Covid, the second highest number worldwide

He caught Kovid last year and argued that he had antibodies and did not need to be vaccinated.

And using the World Bank’s population statistics, it’s more than 84% of Brazilians over the age of 14 who had a single dose.

But so far about 37% of the population has been fully vaccinated, providing the best protection against the virus.

This compares with more than 55% in the United States, 61% in the EU and 66% in the United Kingdom.

‘In Amazon, deforestation in August decreased by 32% compared to August last year … 84% forest intact’

Brazil’s National Space Research Institute (INPE) says deforestation rates fell in August this year and in August 2020.

More information is expected to be released next month or in November, which could help clarify the picture.

Media captionsA portion of the Amazon rainforest has been deliberately removed at intervals of three years

“Five years before the Bolsonaro administration, the average deforestation rate in the Amazon was 6,719 sq km (4,175 sq mi),” they said in a statement.

“In the first two years of the current administration, the average rate was 10,490 sq km (6,518 sq miles), which means an increase of 56%.”

Mr Bol Bolsonaro has been blamed for encouraging development in the rainforest, and for reducing funding for government agencies to implement environmental regulations.

INPE statistics currently show that only 80% of Amazon is intact.

Although scientists do not agree on how much deforestation can cause a rainforest to be unable to support its own ecosystem, some believe it is less than 20-25%.

‘Not a single case of corruption has been registered in the last two years and eight months. ‘

Mr Bol Bolsonaro, a co-founder of the Covid vaccine purchase, ignores the ongoing corruption scandals since he became president in 2011.

Mr Bolsonaro himself has faced potential allegations of negligence over allegations that he ignored irregularities in a multi-million-dollar deal to buy a coronavirus vaccine from India.

He was accused by opposition politicians of ignoring concerns about the deal when they sent him the flag – something he denied.

Mr Bol Bolsonaro, and some of his family and friends have also been involved in various investigations since taking charge in 2019.

Brazil’s top prosecutor is looking into allegations that President Bolsonaro tried to interfere in the work of federal police, who were looking into corruption cases. Mr Bol Bolsonaro has denied it.

‘Brazil is already an example in energy production, 83% comes from renewable sources’

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Photo captionFurnace Hydroelectric Power Station in Minas Gerais State

It refers to the power supplied to the country’s electricity grid.

Brazil is the world leader in hydro-electric power generation, which is estimated to supply about 80% of the electricity grid.

But it is not like a mixture of total energy, which contains other energy sources.

Needless to say, the country continues to increase the amount of energy it receives from renewable sources – from 39% in 2019 to 39% in 2014.

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