Boeing employees protest the company’s vaccine mandate

Boeing has announced that it will vaccinate its employees.

Vaccine proof deadline is December 8th.

On the same day, Biden’s vaccine order came into effect on government contractors.

Gizmodo reports:

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According to a new statement from the company and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, all 125,000 U.S. Boeing employees will be vaccinated against Covid-1. The contract will show proof of vaccination of Boeing employees by December, when President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring government contractors to vaccinate will take effect.

President Biden’s executive order for the vaccine mandate requires all government contractors to vaccinate their employees against Covid-1 against by December, although people are able to claim medical and religious exemptions. Employees in businesses with more than 100 employees also need to be vaccinated, but anyone who refuses can opt for regular Covid-1 testing.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, government contractors must vaccinate their employees, and there is no substitute for regular testing of Covid-1 for employees, as employers employ more than 100 employees.

Some Boeing employees had none of this.

They gathered outside the company’s Renton and Everett locations in protest of the vaccine order.

Komonews reports:

About 100 Boeing machinists gathered outside Boeing on Friday in protest of the company’s vaccine mandate.

Demonstrations were held outside the company’s Renton and Everett locations.

As a federal contractor, Boeing said all of its U.S. employees must be vaccinated against COVID-1 by December or risk losing expiration.


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