Bob Woodward praises Millie as ‘brave’, says General’s alleged move ‘took their breath away’

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post praised General Mark Millie’s alleged actions in his new book “Peril” during an interview Tuesday.

Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, grabbed the title last week after Woodward and Robert Coster described the general after a scene from the book “Peril” that China would be reassured that America would do nothing by following in the footsteps of former President Donald Trump.

The book alleges that Millie made two calls to his Chinese colleague, General Li Zhucheng of the People’s Liberation Army, one before the October 2020 presidential election and the other two days after the January riots on Capitol Hill. China feared the United States would attack them. According to Woodwards and Coaster Reporting, phone calls to Trump were never mentioned.

In “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, Woodward Millie praised his work, which included a call to calm China’s mind.

Scholars continue to praise Millie’s alleged phone calls in China as ‘common sense’

Woodward told Colbert, “What General Millie did was a brave man,” before describing a scene in the book that took their breath away.

After an emergency phone call from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Caliph, where she expressed her concern about Trump starting a nuclear war, Woodward said Millie had gathered military officials for a meeting so they could discuss “procedures.” Emergency.

“He’s not in power now,” Woodward said of Millie. “He’s careful to make sure that if Trump is going to blow up the world or do something against American interests or actually against Trump’s interests, he will at least say at the table there, ‘No!'”

Woodward said he and Costa approached the book “not from a biased perspective,” but questioned Trump’s move and suggested he was in a “national security crisis.” Colbert similarly concluded that the biggest domestic threat to “democracy” was “the president himself.”

Milli’s phone call with China on CBS, NBC, CNN Sunday shows political firestorm

Colbert also praised Millie in a solo play last week, when the news first read, suggesting that Trump was restless.

“But going nuclear is understandable for the former president; after all, he’s a fat man who behaves like a little boy,” Colbert said, referring to the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan in 1945.

Millie’s actions in the book have been sharply criticized, although the general and some defenders have described her actions as “unforgettable.”

Radio host Gary Callahan tweeted, “If you were wondering how corrupt corporate media hacks turn it around, you’ve got your answer: Of course, Millie betrayed but it was okay, you know, common sense,” radio host Gerry Callahan tweeted.

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused the media of being a traitor.

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