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Blockfills, a cryptocurrency trading technology company, today announced the release of its new software-a-a-service (SaaS) crypto interface designed for institutional clients to access company-owned cryptocurrency trading technology and liquidity.

With the new platform, investors have access to the following capabilities:

  • Desktop, Mac-native, web and mobile platform versions
  • Virtually unlimited choice of study, drawing tools and a fully customizable user-interface
  • Volume-weighted average price (VWAP), volume profile, order flow, real-time market cap, correlation matrix, heatmap and more
  • On-chart trading and advanced capabilities such as server-side OCO (order-cancel-order) commands
  • Ability to analyze real-time on-chain network data such as hassle and hash rate, analysis and data export
  • Deep liquidity supported by war-tested infrastructure
  • All specialized technical services provided by Blockfills

Phoenix is ​​the latest addition to Blockfill’s growing SaaS ecosystem, focusing on liquidity providers and professional consumers. Founded in 2018, the company launched its software division in the first quarter of 2021 with two new institutional trading solutions called “Vision” and “Jeffer”.

“Our team noticed a gap in the available technology – other crypto platforms often crash, provide subper customer service, execute orders at different price points, or generally have poor technology design. Based on our decades of experience in institutional trading, we knew That could and should be a better option.So, we’ve introduced Phoenix.
-Nick Hammer, co-founder and CEO of Blockfill

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