Blockchain Intelligence Group will support XinFin (XDC) on its CryptoNinjas crypto investigation platform

BIGG Digital Assets (BIGG), owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group, developer of a blockchain technology platform for analysis, compliance and forensics, has entered into a partnership with XinFin, the developer of the enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain network, XDC.

The partnership enhances the real-world legitimacy of the XDC network by bringing it into the compliance tech ecosystem of Blockchain Intelligence Group. In a market where XDC networks are used, current and future rules are easily met using on-demand compliance solutions.

“Blockchain Intelligence Group and Jinfin share the same values ​​in real-world utilities for blockchain, transparency and innovation,” said Lance Morgin, president of Blockchain Intelligence Group. “Both Blockchain Intelligence Group and Jinfin want to build a secure future for entrepreneurs to benefit from the adoption of blockchain, crypto and tokenization.”

XDC Network + Blockchain Intelligence Group

XinFin uses real-world decentralized financing (DeFi) tokenized trade finance resources using the XDC network and non-fungi tokens (NFT) within regulatory limits. On September 21, Tradetech completed the world’s first trade finance-based non-fungible token (NFT) transaction on the XDC network.

“The ongoing tokenization platforms on the XDC network, especially those that support trade finance instruments, will ultimately invite competition among financiers in emerging DFI ecosystems,” said Bill Sebel, North America’s director of ecosystem development at Jinfin. “These competitive platforms will give SMEs more visibility, create better opportunities to fund projects and provide better rates for participants. In order to accelerate the adoption of this technology, our efforts to increase transparency must match our new innovation efforts.”

Blockchain Intelligence Group will support XDC addresses and transactions on its crypto investigation platform, QLUE. Customers will have the ability to ask for address and transaction scores, flags and entities using Bitrank Verified.

These developments reflect the efforts of the XDC network to increase blockchain accountability, even at the protocol level. This recently published white paper discusses the proposed upgrade of the XDC Network to its Decentralized Compliance Engine (XDPoS 2.0) and predicts a network with forensic capabilities, accountability and features. The upgrade will create the ability to identify malicious actors with cryptographic integrity directly from blockchain records.

This collaboration is behind the listing of the XDC network as a member of The Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFDI). TFDI is an organization of trade producers, credit insurance providers and institutional funders to increase automation and transparency in the distribution of trade assets and risks. The first blockchain solution to join the XDC Network Consortium.

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