Blink Video Doorbell: Security is budget friendly


Amazon announced on Tuesday, September 28th that it is expanding the blink line of home security cameras – indoor and outdoor – with three new gadgets.

We are most excited by Blink Video Doorbell ($ 49.99;, a relatively low cost option that lowers the cheapest doorbell in the ring by $ 10. Blink’s video doorbell is now ready for pre-order.

It is being launched with a battery-powered floodlight camera, an LED mount for the Blink outdoor camera, and a solar-powered mount, aimed at always keeping the outdoor camera powered. Like Floodlight, it is a mounted solution for outdoor cameras.

Here’s what you need to know about new blink products.

If you have an existing doorbell or are powered by two AA batteries, Blink’s video doorbell may be hardware. Blink promises two years of battery life with the included battery, when it is hardwired or when paired with a sync module 2. It’s pretty impressive, but it definitely depends on your usage and settings for storing footage. Ring video doorbells always have power in a wired solution, but depending on how many warnings you get you can expect three to four weeks wireless.

Blink Video Doorbell will capture what’s on your doorstep – people, pets, package delivery – at 1080p. The doorbell has infrared night vision, which helps in low-light settings. It is compatible with competitive options, such as Ring’s $ 59.99 Video Doorbell Wired, which also captures 1080p and features night vision.

All of this looks like most other doorbells that are kept in a pretty slim design. It will be available in black or white of your choice, with ringer buttons on the top and bottom of the camera. Blink added that the video doorbell was “designed to withstand the elements” but did not share a specific rating or resistance. Interestingly, the ring does not specify any rating, but during the test in our hands, a ring video doorbell Pro 2 survived Hurricane Ida, while a ring video doorbell 3 still works even when underwater. Most doorbells are capable of handling rain, wind and snow as well as extreme temperatures. Later, Amazon claims that the Blink Outdoor Camera can operate at temperatures below zero. The doorbell also has a microphone and speakers, which enable two-way communication via the Blink app.

And like any other device made by Blink, you will need an account and companion application (available for Android or iOS) to use Video Doorbell. You’ll have the option to set alerts and customize notifications from scratch, and two options for storing videos stored on the device.

You can sign up for a Blink subscription plan, which lets you store events in the cloud, such as when a person rings the doorbell or the package is dropped. Or you can get a Blink Sync module and a USB flash drive to create a mini server on your network to store these files locally. Basically it acts as a network storage drive to save your files and sync between the Blink app. Either way, you’ll be able to save footage and share important events with other family or household members.

If you want a live view of what’s happening at your door, you’ll need to install that doorbell on the hardware or use a Blink Sync module ($ 34.99; to get those features. Most other doorbells don’t require it, but live streaming will probably pay the battery tax here. We will report after we go ahead and install the Blink Video Doorbell.

Like other blink cameras, the video doorbell will work with Alexa and Echo devices. You can hear a notification (such as a custom blink chime) on an echo speaker, smart display or even a Fire TV device when someone is at your door.

Blink’s video doorbell is now ready for pre-order at 49 49.99 and shipping will begin in the coming weeks. You will also receive a 30 day free trial on the Blink Subscription Plus with the purchase. We imagine that the view will be quite clear based on our experience with other blink products, but the application can be a little blurry at times.


Unlike the video doorbell, which is a new device from Blink, the floodlight camera and solar panel mount are two accessories to get more from the existing Blink outdoor camera.

Blink Outdoor is a square-shaped camera with rounded corners that can withstand an excess of external material. The key feature is a wide-angle 1080p lens that lets you see much more than a standard lens, even though it’s only held in one spot. In our experiments, it provides a clear view during the day and plenty of detail to see who or what might be in the shot. Like the video doorbell, it works with the Blink Sync module, or it can sync footage with the cloud if you’re on Blink Subscription Plus. It is powered by two AA batteries.

The floodlight camera is a battery-powered LED mount where a blink outdoor camera can sit. If the camera detects motion, the functionality of the floodlight will be associated with the 700 lumen ball. It is quite bright but falls behind a full-featured floodlight like a ring, featuring two bright LEDs and up to 2,000 lumens. We reached out to Blink for an estimate of how well it could illuminate a space. We will definitely put it to the test. The Blink Floodlight camera will offer itself for 39 39.99 or সাথে 139.98 with an external camera.


The goal of Blink’s solar panel mount is to eliminate the problem of blink outdoor cameras and eventually run out of battery. It uses a built-in solar array that keeps the outdoor camera running continuously. We assume it will use the built-in battery for hours overnight, which will recharge the next time the sun comes out. Blink’s Solar Panel Mount সহ 129.98 with an outdoor camera to order in a bundle. We reached out to Blink to ask if we would sell separately, but we imagine it has a special outdoor camera with a rechargeable battery. When and if we hear back, we will update this story.

Floodlight cameras (alone or in a bundle) and solar panel mounts are now ready for pre-order. They are expected to start shipping in the coming weeks.

Blink’s entry into the video doorbell space isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it’s a surprise because it’s probably competing directly with Ring – an Amazon-owned brand as well. We’re keen to get hands on and test blink video doorbells, but it seems pretty good on paper as an affordable solution. For those who are thinking about Alexa integration, it is definitely covered. And we found Blink’s $ 34.99 mini camera to be quite impressive with clear views from its 1080p lens.

Expected offer for floodlight cameras and solar panel mount popular outdoor cameras that are finally coming to fruition. The floodlight option makes it more effective as a security camera and can help prevent unwanted people or animals on your property. And solar panel mounts solve battery life problems, and we’re excited to see how it works in the real world.

All three are now ready for pre-order and shipping will begin in the coming weeks. Blink’s Sync Module 2 is now also available for 34.99.

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