Blackfire fighters have filed a 100,000 lawsuit against Florida City after their mural showed her as a white woman.

There are countless ways to honor heroes among our everyday people! A Florida town called Boyton Beach has chosen to celebrate its fire department with murals at the station. What began as a symbol of recognition ended with the city’s first black female firefighter suing for $ 100,000. According to The Daily Mail, Latosha Clemens is going against portraying her as a white woman in a mural against Boynton Beach.

“Being portrayed as white was not only a false representation of Clemens, it was also an image that completely disrespected what Clemens, the first female black firefighter in the city, had accomplished,” the lawsuit said.

The mural was launched in 2019, but was not unveiled until June 2020. A photo of Latosha and two, white, female colleagues per The Palm Beach Post was used as a template. Nevertheless, Latosha was misrepresented.

As it turns out, he’s not the only person who has been misrepresented. Former Boynton Beach Fire Chief Glenn Joseph is also a black man who painted in white. His response to the incident was not recorded in any recent report.

Nevertheless, the mural was removed a day after it was published last year. Debbie Coles-Doba, the city’s public arts manager, was fired. Fire Chief Matthew Petty was removed from his post. However, Debbie did not back down so easily. He told The Palm Beach Post last year that he was “pressured to make the mural look like the city and the fire chief’s office.” According to a recent report, the dedication was modified to accurately reflect the race of Latosha and Glenn.

Latosha is said to have started his career as a firefighter in Boynton Beach and Fire Rescue Department in 1996. She was the first black woman after the station was established in 1922. He again named the first black woman to hold this position.

The lawsuit alleges that Latosha suffered “mental and emotional damage, pain and suffering, and loss of personal and professional reputation.” The mural was launched in 2019, but was not unveiled until June 2020. According to NBC News, Latosha retired before the unveiling ceremony and did not attend due to previous engagements. However, he quickly learned of the abusive error.

Latosha said he received multiple texts and pictures from the people present. He expressed feelings of “stunned, hurt, shocked.”

“I wanted little black girls to see that mural and know that they could put their faces in a mural,” Latosha said.

Latosha’s case further alleges that he faced “ridicule, insults, disrespect and / or insults between the city administration and the wider community.”

Therefore, regardless of the updated mural, he is looking for answers to how it came to be in the first place. City0 November He will meet with city officials and a mediator.

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