Black realtors and clients file civil rights lawsuits after being handcuffed by police

A black real estate agent and his clients filed a federal lawsuit against police in Wyoming, Michigan on Oct. 1, when officers handcuffed them and ordered the three blacks to leave the property they were looking at.

August 1, Agent, Eric Brown, Showing a house Roy Thorne And his 15-year-old son. Then the officers came and arrested the suspects by responding to the call of the neighbor.

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According to CNN, a civil rights lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for Western Michigan named the city of Wyoming, the police chief and six officers as defendants. It alleges that the police detained them illegally, used excessive force and violated their equal protection rights.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges assault and battery, false imprisonment and intentional mental torture against police. It wants indefinite damage.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Krump, The judge lawyer involved in the high-profile case George Floyd, Joins Johnson Law, reports Grand Rapids, Mission, WZZM.

“These people have not broken any laws, yet they have been treated like criminals!” Kramp tweeted October 9th.

City of Wyoming officials declined to answer CNN’s question about the lawsuit, citing the practice of “not commenting on the lawsuit pending.”

In an earlier comment from Grand Rapids Station Wood, police said: “Officers were aware that a previous robbery had taken place at the same address on July 24 and that one suspect had been arrested and charged with trespassing. The caller indicated that the previously arrested suspect had returned and re-entered the house.

Officers released the men after Brown showed them the real estate agent’s credentials and apologized. But the three felt that their race had influenced how the police handled the situation.

“The level of response and the aggression of the response was certainly a comeback. It really left me behind, ”Brown said.

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