Bitstamp and JBD Bridge are the main gaps between Bitcoin and gaming

Today Bitstamp and ZEBEDEE announced a partnership that allows customers to instantly top up their in-game ZBD wallet and use it as a lightning wallet.

Bitstamp’s Lightning integration will allow customers to seamlessly transfer Bitcoin to the ZEBEDEE gaming ecosystem. Users will now be able to use Bitcoin in virtual gaming environments.

“It’s a real integration of gaming and BTC trading,” said David Osojnik, Bitstamp CTO. “With the ability to easily transfer bitcoin between ZEBEDEE and Bitstamp at the push of a button, it’s basically like a joint account for both platforms. The global gaming industry is valued at more than 170 170 billion annually – more than the combined totality of the music and film industries. That’s why we’re hopeful that this integration will encourage the next wave of crypto investors.

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