Bitmax 2021 Open Source Bitcoin Developer Granted

Bitcoin trading platform Bitmex has announced two new open source bitcoin developer grants to Renেনে Pickhard and Chris Coverdale to mark the completion of the company’s 2021 grant program. Renেনে and Chris each received an eight-month grant of, 33,333 through May 2022, which would be equivalent to 50,000 annually. According to the announcement, this interim fund is designed to help aspiring developers develop bitcoin full-time.

“The addition of Renee Pickhard and Chris Coverdale to the Open Source Bitcoin Developer Grant Program makes it a total of six open source developers,” said Alex Haptner, CEO of Bitmax. “We are proud of our long-term commitment to Bitcoin and open source technology. We are delighted to welcome Renee and Chris to the program and will continue to support the development of Bitcoin in the years to come.”

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