Bitcoin whale addition patterns show strong bullish feeling among top holders

Whale has not stopped depositing bitcoin. Current trend patterns suggest that bitcoin whales that live between 100 and 1,000 BTC are very bright on the possibilities of digital property. The slow month of September saw assets decline and crash which brought the price into the 40K trading range. However, the whales used this as an opportunity to increase their holdings at a lower price.

Between 100 and 1,000 bitcoin wallets continued to add to their balance, and by the end of September a total of 85.7K BTC had been deposited in these wallets. At today’s prices, the total amount of BTC collected by this amount of whales would be $ 4.76 when retail investors panicked and sold their holdings. The addresses of these whales also hold on to their bags during the long hardships of September.

Whales increase their hold on transport supplies

The more coins Bitcoin whales accumulate, the more the total supply of Bitcoin performed to them increases. These whales keep the total supply of BTC through wallets at 21.3% of the total supply of current number assets. This number represents a new record for wallets in their balance between 100 and 1,000 BTC.

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Besides buying, whales are also caught. 2021 Bitcoin marks a record number of diamond hands (long-term holders). 81% of BTC’s total supply has not moved in the last three months. This metric shows that digital resources can be a supply shock.

The amount of BTC release exceeds the number of exchange currencies, which suggests that investors are accumulating their assets and moving them to safer personal storage options.

Bitcoin prices recover from Tuesday’s dip

Bitcoin prices fell below $ 54K on Tuesday night after digital asset prices moved closer to $ 58K during the day. Traders are responsible for cashing in on some profits after the asset reached its new four-month high. However, asset recovery began about an hour after the dive and touched a ারের 556,000 answer on Wednesday morning before returning again.

BTC price recovers to trade north of $57K | Source: BTCUSD on

With the start of Midwalk trading, Bitcoin has begun to see a resurgence of recovery. The price dropped to K 54K again, although lower this time than at the end of Tuesday. The whales fill their bags and due to the strong hold among investors, the asset seems ready to take another break towards $ 57K.

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At the time of writing, Bitcoin will be trading at .7 55,048, down 78.78% in the last 2 hours. Trading volume increased at the same time, but the price decline saw a 3.90% loss in market cap, which is still stable above 1 1 trillion.

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