Bitcoin shuts down shipments of Antminar crypto mining rig in China

Bitman, a manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment in China, has been forced to close its business in China since October 11 following a crypto ban imposed by local authorities.

In addition to the ban on China’s crypto activities, the company has blamed the move to shut down Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mining rigs in response to China’s carbon-neutral policy. According to Bitcoin’s announcement:

“From October 11, 2021, Antimina will stop shipping to mainland China. Our staff will contact them to provide alternative solutions for customers in mainland China who have purchased long-term products.

Although the company has not yet announced its plans to help existing customers in China, Bitcoin will continue to supply antiminer crypto mining rigs to users around the world, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In the face of a temporary downturn in the Chinese market, bitcoin has increased the production capacity of mobile mining containers – Antbox. In November, the company will host the World Digital Mining Summit 2021 in Dubai, where it will discuss green energy mining opportunities “mainly from clean energy power generation projects in Yunnan, Xinjiang and other Chinese provinces.”

Bitman did not immediately respond to a request for comment by Cointelegraph.

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Despite the recent ban on crypto activities in China, bitcoin mining activities are on the verge of full recovery as Chinese miners and investors move into friendly jurisdiction.

Cointelegraph reported that the difficulty of bitcoin hash rates increased by 39% in late July. Moreover, the Chinese media is the Wu blockchain To mark That bitcoin difficulty increased 4.71% to a height of 703,584 blocks on October 5, marking the sixth consecutive increase since July 31.

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