CRYPTO has been hacked by scammers for a few minutes. Someone sent them 0.4 BTC

Hackers have taken over the website and today the classic double your money scandal has been on display for a few minutes. Apparently, it was a DNS hack. Fortunately, the Bitcoin community took notice and warned Cobra, the owner of the pseudonymous website, as well as the company hosting the domain. A few minutes later, was down. Sadly, a trusted person was faster than them and sent 0.4 BTC to the address shown… or was he?

The transaction exists, but there is a rumor that it could be a scammer in itself, trying to make the operation look respectable. Just like a Basker who makes some changes to his hat to encourage others to contribute. However, this is just a rumor. Someone may have been deceived.

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Anyway, everyone else should thank Bitcoin Core contributor Matt Corallo, who took it upon himself to contact the domain name registrars and managed to temporarily remove the site before some disasters occurred.

What does the owner of think about all this?

When Cobra announced the hacking of, he said,Currently, hackers are trying to figure out how to set up a scam model on the site. So far, there is no information on this. Cobra added that “May stay down for a few daysBut fortunately it was not needed.

The day before, Cobra contacted their new hosting company Cloudflare via Twitter and told them that the website had never been hacked, and now that she had moved to their server, it happened. The The company responded, And finally, the original tweet disappeared.

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Does it have anything to do with Craig Wright aka Faketoshi Nakamoto?

A few months ago, both Cobra and made worldwide news. Craig Wright, Australian entrepreneur and Satoshi Nakamoto cosplay artist, received a UK court order directing the website to remove bitcoin whitepaper from its servers. At that time, Yahoo! Money informed:

“The London High Court has ordered Cobra, the pseudonym creator of the website, to stop hosting copies of the Bitcoin White Paper.

The judge had no choice but to rule on the default verdict because Cobra had decided not to appear, citing copyright infringement by Craig Wright, Enchein’s chief scientist.

Does the hack have anything to do with Craig Wright? There is no clue to indicate this, but, rumors are flying. He is the only one motivated to attack, they say. However, 0.4 BTC is a fantastic incentive. Maybe the scammers were just interested in scamming.

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However, to close all loops, Yahoo quotes Cobra explaining why he chose not to appear in court:

“Unfortunately the court rules allowed me to sue under a pseudonym, but I could not defend myself under a pseudonym. So I was thrown into an impossible situation of losing my privacy or losing a lawsuit by default.

So, all in all, is backed up again and no one cheated on you. The last good is all good.

Featured Image: Screenshoot from the hacked website | Charts by TradingView

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