Bitcoin orange pill theory reality

Choice is needed to escape from the financial matrix. Fortunately, Game Theory has provided people with two pills for intelligence that are very complex. You are eating orange pills, which represent bitcoin, freedom and financial sovereignty or the blue pill, which means money, debt and joyful ignorance. Physically, there is no pill, only knowledge about bitcoin and acquired freedom. Remember the years before Bitcoin? Helpless, save your money for your home or car, boom, your dollar value has dropped and the home you saved for is now three times more expensive. Get rid of bitcoin. If you think about how much the price of a single currency will go up in fiat dollars, there is a lot about this technology that you don’t know. Those who believe that they have eaten orange pills are known as Bitcoin Maximalists. Yet, for some extremists it may be toxic not ready for the intensity of the faith that stirs the veins of their preaching. So, if you are new or curious about bitcoin, what is the best way to eat orange pills? Let’s dig deeper …

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