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Compatible with Vision To support ‘economic freedom’, non-custodial, or ‘self-hosted’, crypto products, are re-focusing its efforts, including exchanges. So, it is Wallet, Which is completely Non-custody And provides users with direct access to public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Etherium, which will be the company’s flagship product.

What is a non-custody model?

When you take possession of your property, it means that you do not need to request approval from the intermediary to send or receive Yours Money, and you don’t have to rely on third parties to keep your assets on your side.

You have complete control over the fees you pay minors and validators when sending or interacting with crypto Smart deal – And you Able Contact Smart Deal! This means (through this in the very near future) You will have access to, for example, Decentralized means Applications that enable you to earn passive income.

What is ‘economic freedom’? defines economic freedom as the ability of individuals to acquire and use it independently, although they choose independently and in collaboration with others. We firmly believe that it is an important element of human dignity and a fundamental human right.

How can I take control of my crypto?

If you don’t already have one Wallet App, the first step is Install It’s on your mobile device. Then, it’s a simple matter Transmission Your crypto assets in your self-hosted (non-custodial) wallet from Centralized Exchange. Since you – and only you – are in control, this is essential for you Back up your wallet And stay on top of the best password-management practices.

Interchangeable, non-custodial means

The Wallet Anyone in the world has the ability to engage with swap providers and decentralized exchanges. To switch, for example, BTC> ETH, you simply tap the swap button and follow the simple instructions. Behind the scenes, your cryptocurrencies will be handed over to the public blockchain and you will be able to keep the funds in your wallet.

What can I use Wallet on desktop?

Yes. The Wallet is a multi-platform application available through iOS, Android and web browsers. You just need to have Wallet Has been installed on your device and an account has been created. Then, go to, Sign in via Google or Apple, and your wallets will automatically sync across devices.

What’s going on Bitcoin.comExchange of custody?

The exchange has provided an important hedge trading experience over the years – and the company acknowledges that custodial exchange services continue to play an important role in the crypto economy. For now, however, Bitcoin is focusing on development Wallet, which enables users to take control of their funds while unlocking powerful new ways to use their cryptocurrencies.

Its users The Exchange will automatically transfer their account to and ensure that their assets are secure.

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