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Bitcoin is constant

Can’t hold center: 10

We can agree that the condition of the earth is sufficient to support intelligent life. We are a product of the universal environment. So it is safe to say that the conditions of the universe are consistent with those that can support intelligent life, although the adversity is less.

We can agree that the state of the world is enough to support Bitcoin. Bitcoin originated from a product of 300 thousand odd years of our intelligence development. Although Satoshi can be blamed for the invention of Bitcoin, there is no reason to say so. People can only perceive a series of events. Attributes allow us to sort events chronologically in language. Attribution is a history that is more or less agreed upon, so that the conversation can go on in any meaningful way. One can easily get further into history by blaming the invention of Bitcoin for the earlier cryptographic and electronic cash inventions. Although, in my opinion, it is ultimately the packaging of Satoshi’s earlier innovations, which is associated with simple but highly fruitful features such as difficulty adjusting, issuing scheduled supplies, and terminal deficits, which signal Bitcoin’s innovation.

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