BITCOIN wallet adds ERC-20 token-promoted Bitcoin news

The The party is excited to announce its unification ERC-20 token In Wallet. This means that anyone can now buy, sell, receive, store, trade and send ERC-20 tokens with the most user-friendly features and security in the industry. Non-custody wallet.

ERC-20 token?

ERC-20 is the standard protocol for making tokens Etherium Blockchain. As of 2021, there are more than 450,000 sets of ERC-20 tokens, and they collectively represent hundreds of billions of dollars. All ERC-20 tokens are “live” in Ethereum, meaning they benefit from the security of the second largest blockchain by Marketcap and can be composed with Smart deal.

Curated ERC-20 support

Any and all Ethereum-compatible tokens have been sent to you Wallet’s Ethereum address is safe and secure. However, since there are thousands of ERC-20 tokens, it is not practical to display them in the wallet. That’s why we’re starting by ‘tracking’ a selection of the most commonly used ERC-20 tokens. For example, when you open the wallet, you’ll now have quick access to USD crypto. ‘Stable currency‘USDT and USDC. Additionally, the wallet will initially track five more major ERC-20 tokens. These Uniswap, Wrap BTC, Compound, Yarn Finance, And Sushiwap.

Lock Profits with the Most Popular USD-Pagged Stablecoins

USDT and USDC are now supported, you can switch from more volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, for example, if you think the market is overheated. Then you think the coins deserve a run.

Buy and sell Stablecoins with cash

If you have a Supported areas, You can buy USDT and USDC Wallet (by credit card etc.) using local currency. If you live in the United States, the United Kingdom or the EU, you can sell USDT or USDC and accept local currency directly into your bank account.

Send, receive and exchange

The The wallet supports all other functions of the ERC-20 token for all users. That means you can send and receive them, exchange them for any other cryptocurrency in your wallet, and of course store them securely.

Your crypto assets, under your control Committed to supporting economic freedom, which is why our wallet is in full swing Non-custody. That means you have complete control over your crypto. You don’t have to ask permission from Centralized Exchange to send your assets instantly whenever you want. You will never be ‘Deployed’ and there is no risk of your third party being hacked or bankrupt. Of course, great responsibility comes with great power, so don’t forget Back up the ‘keys’ Follow the best practices for managing your wallet and password.

The The wallet is now also available on the web / desktop

If you are already using Mobile Wallet, you can use your existing account to view and interact with your resources on a desktop-class dashboard. Track your portfolio and get real-time market data; Accepting, exchanging, buying and selling crypto-everything from the vast real estate of your desktop, tablet, or any browser-enabled device.

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