Bit2Me collected সফল 23.9M after many successful token sales

The Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, Bit2ME, has successfully raised 23.9 million (মিল 20 million) after three high-demand public sale rounds for its newly launched token, B2M. Public The first public sale, launched in September 2021, raised .9 5.9 million in just 5 seconds, followed by the second in just 47 seconds.8. raised millions of dollars. The final episode sold out in just 38 seconds, involving more than 7,000 participants. Each of the fastest and highest earners for the universal sale of an exchange-based token in crypto history.

In addition to this staggering retail demand, Bit2MO has attracted a network of its existing partners and investors, securing an additional 3 3.3 million in private funds. Moreover, the Spanish exchange is confident that this momentum will continue until November 1 when B2M Bit 2M will go live on its own cryptocurrency exchange, due to both the statistics raised so far since the launch of BTMH and the growth and interest of the community.

Commenting on the success of the token sale, Koh Onozawa, who recently added to Bit 2M’s advisory board, said the sale was the result of “6 years of hard work and community building” by Bit2M, with the team having a “Bootstrap” exchange. Small unknown exchange, the largest in Europe and the largest in the Spanish-speaking world.

Onozawa said the team is excited to see what the future holds for exchange and how it will change and impact the cryptocurrency exchange industry as a whole:

“We [Bit2Me] Don’t stop until everyone can easily discover and manage access with crypto in their daily lives.

Development of cryptocurrency exchange industry

Indeed, in line with this mission, Bit2ME is in a growing state of development, reflecting the goal of becoming a one-stop ecosystem for everything related to cryptocurrency. Their product portfolio, aptly known as Bit2Me Suite, consists of a range of products specifically designed to meet the specific needs of its promising user-base.

It includes multiple exchange services including Bit2M Wallet একটি a multi-asset storage and exchange application with more than 60 crypto assets, Bit2M Trade একটি a high-frequency trading platform with market, limit and stop-limit orders and an over – The Counter (OTC) Trading Desk supports high-volume transactions.

In addition, Bit2Me has appropriately focused on areas of the crypto-world that still reasonably require a significant amount of attention-fiat-crypto off and on-rampamp. Bit2me Pay and Bit2Me cards provide payment solutions for cryptocurrency traders, allowing them to purchase crypto-assets with Fiat currency and spend crypto-assets using traditional online payment gateways.

In addition, the Bit2M ecosystem also provides a community-based product for Bitcoin 2M Academy for crypto learning, Bit2M News, Bit2M TV, directory services, event listings, loyalty programs and on-demand services for the community.

B2M: Strengthening the Bit2M ecosystem

The new launch of Bit2M, the Ethereum-based token, the power of everything in B2M. B2M is a utility token that serves as a medium for exchanging information and value in the Bit2Me ecosystem. Users can pay for Bit2Me’s educational resources, such as Bit2Me Academy courses using ERC-20 tokens, and even get exclusive discounts (up to 90%) on content.

These discounts also extend to fees paid when using Bit2Me’s exchange services, including Bit2Me Trade and Bit2Me Wallet. You only get these benefits over B2M, you don’t have to spend it.

Finally, the adoption of orro from the decentralized finance (DFI) space will strengthen the orro and advantage of Bitcoin’s token cryptocurrency exchange. Users who effectively use other cryptocurrency assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Etherium (ETH), who make those assets available for commercial orrowing by others, will pay interest. If bidders agree to accept these payments on B2M, the interest they earn will be significantly higher.

Finally, the team behind Bit2M is also considering incorporating a rule feature into the B2M framework that will allow holders to vote on the platform’s product offerings and additional features. Specific features may include voting, cryptocurrency listing, and general aspects of the exchange.

If the successful emergence of the public is an indicator of future success, then Bit2Me could be a giant in the cryptocurrency exchange space and will remain so for a long time to come.

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