Billionaire Orlando Bravo reveals he owns Bitcoin and why he is ‘very bullish’

Billionaire Orlando Bravo recently revealed his position on crypto. Speaking to CNBC, Bravo revealed that he actually held Bitcoin and took a very early position on the future of digital assets. Billionaire Delivering Alpha attended the conference where he publicly expressed his love for crypto. Bravo highlighted some of the best features of cryptocurrency, saying, “How can you not love crypto?”

Bitcoin to stay here

Although already quite valuable, the billionaire currency sees further growth in the future. Institutional investors have not yet fully entered space, and Bravo explained that the value of digital assets will increase with more institutional adoption.

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Being able to work completely outside the reach of the government is one of the main drivers of Bitcoin growth. This has given investors the opportunity to invest in an amount that would otherwise have blocked their traditional strategic investment path. Providing a big pull for young investors who will take control of their financial investments.

In addition to personally owning Bitcoin, Bravo’s equity firm Thoma Bravo is also investing in crypto space. Thomas Bravo took part in a recent fundraising round conducted by the fast-growing crypto exchange FTX Trading. This puts the billionaire in a position where he invests in crypto, both personally and professionally. But this is not the end. The fund manager sees a lot of potential in blockchain technology and says it “sometimes provides better use than data-driven software.”

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Why is Bravo bullish?

Bravo’s bullish stance on crypto is mainly based on one thing; Acceptance It is estimated that less than 10% of the world’s population knows about Bitcoin. Comparing the growth of Bitcoin to the Internet, there is going to be a big explosion in adoption over the next five years. The billionaire noted that digital wealth will continue to grow as more people accept it.

“For me, it’s pretty simple. More people are going to use it in the future than today, and it is going to be more established. Institutions have just started to go there, and once that happens, I think it will grow significantly over the years. I am very bullish. ”

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When asked if he thought Crypto was here to stay, Bravo enthusiastically replied, “Absolutely.” He explained that inflation and transaction fees would drive people to bitcoin.

The millionaire declined to comment on the future value of this property, saying, “I’m not going to give you a number because it’s very difficult to see the basic value here.” But it added that the limited supply of Bitcoin would be positive in terms of its use and the value of digital assets going forward with increasing adoption.

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