Bill vs. Chiefs Live Score, Update, NFL ‘Sunday Night Football’ Game Highlights

That’s roughly a quarter through the NFL season and Buffalo and Kansas City look like two very different teams.

The Bills are one if not the most complete team in football. Behind Shawn McDermott & Co., they are in the top five in total offense and top in defense, with two shutouts and just 11 points per game. They proved their defensive prowess through seven blocks, four forced fumbles and 12 sacks in five games.

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Their attacking unit has been equally good, gaining second-highest points in four weeks as quarterback Josh Allen is the team’s third-leading racer. Allen also spread the ball around, with five different players doubling the number of goals so far.

Meanwhile, Kansas City was aggressively good. Like Buffalo, the Chiefs have scored 134 points through four games, but they are 2-2 and in last place. Buffalo 3-1 and AFC East tops.

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The Chiefs ’offense flowed through Patrick Mahoms, who was first in the touchdown pass and fifth in the yard. But Mahoms really noticed Travis Kells and Tyrick Hill, with no clear No. 2 or 3 receiver standing. That’s why they added former All-Pro Josh Gordon to their roster.

Defensively, however, Chiffra is one of the worst teams, dropping the second-highest point in four weeks and allowing about 438 yards per game.

It was a game that was a potential Super Bowl favorite for both teams with potential big playoff effects. There are many seasons left, and this game could be a shootout, but it’s one that will be a win for both teams.

Sporting News is tracking live scoring updates and highlights of the Bills vs. Chiefs on “Sunday Night Football”. Follow below for full results from NFL Week 5 games.

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Bill vs. Chiefs score

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 F
Bill 7 17
Chiefs 3 10

Bill vs. Chiefs live update, highlight from ‘Sunday Night Football’

10:50 pm: The game is currently in a long weather delay with lightning in the area near Arrowhead.

Halftime: Buffalo 24, Kansas City 13

10:08 pm: Some halftime notes and statistics:

This is Buffalo’s 14th straight game with a halftime lead, an NFL record. They took the lead for an impressive display by Josh Allen, the team’s top racer with The1 Yards. He has 214 yards through the air and two touchdowns in just seven finishes.

Patrick Mahoms led the way for the Chiefs with 52 yards.

9:59 pm: Roundabout Kansas City. Butter’s kick is good with two seconds left in the half to compress Bills’ lead. It is Buffalo 24, Kansas City 13 Enter half the time. Buffalo gets a second half kick.

9:59 pm: Kansas City sent Harrison Booker for a 54-yard field goal, while Mahoms’ pass dropped to third.

9:57 pm: For Kansas City it has 11 seconds left in the first half from third-and-12 Buffalo 36. At this point both parties have completed the transaction deadline.

9:55 pm: Josh Gordon was hit for an offensive penalty and it took Casey 10 yards back and Buffalo brought the first and -20 from 44.

9:53 pm: The verdict has been overturned. This made Buffalo 34 the first-10 for Kansas City.

9:53 pm: There is an official review of a cast from Mahoms to McCall Hardman that was initially outside Hardman’s boundaries.

9:44 pm: Touchdown Buffalo. Allen comes out and avoids the pressure. He placed a rocket downfield in a wide open knock that took 53 yards for the score. Buffalo 24, Kansas City 10 Half is 1:16 left.

9:44 pm: Kansas City goes to fourth-and-5 but can’t convert and the Bills accept them at 32.

9:40 pm: In the third-and-15 from Buffalo 42, Mahoms hit and hit Kells for 10 yards. 32 to 4th and 5 sets and two minute alerts.

9:37 pm: Run another mahoom, another big gain. It goes for 25 yards and puts Kansas City at Buffalo 37.

9:36 pm: Bills went out of bounds after field goals, which means Kansas City set up shop in its own 40s.

9:33 pm: FIELD GOAL BUFFALO. Bass ’30 -yarder is good and it puts Buffalo halfway through 7:13 and puts the remaining seven. Buffalo 17, Kansas City 10.

9:33 pm: Buffalo got well into the interesting distance but couldn’t find the last area, so they brought Tyler’s bus out for a 30-yarder.

9:29 PM: Third-and-8 from their own 28, Josh Allen turned it 61 yards and hit a wide open Stephen Diggs. Call KC 11 for bills.

9:24 pm: Following Buffalo TD, Kansas City became three-out and failed to respond right now. The chiefs pushed it into the Bills 2 y yard line.

9:20 pm: Touchdown Buffalo. Bill and the Chiefs trade down because Allen finds Emanuel Sanders for 35 yards to recover the lead. Buffalo 14, Kansas City 10 7:45 left in the first half.

9:17 pm: After the Kansas City touchdown, Buffalo is marching. Bills are converted from Buffalo 33 to Third-and-2. Stephen Diggs from Allen did the trick for 8 yards.

9:12 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. The Chiefs originally lined up for a fun game but in the end Mahoms hit Byron Pringley for a 5-yard score and Casey regained the lead. Kansas City 10, Buffalo 7 10 minutes left in the first half.

9:10 pm: Chiffra is marching after Gordon’s catch. First from Buffalo 5 and aiming.

9:07 pm: Mahoms finally got back into the air and hit newly-acquired Josh Gordon for 11-yards and an easy first down.

9:06 pm: Buffalo were hit for a defensive holding penalty. This is the ninth penalty of the game so far and it brings the first down for the Chiefs.

9:05 pm: This is the third-and-5 following a nice run from Kansas City.

Finish first quarter: Buffalo 7, Kansas City 3

9:02 pm: The chiefs are called for penalties, this is their fourth. This is the first marginal end. Kansas City will come out second with their own 41st and 14th.

9:01 pm: Kansas City continued to run the ball in the first quarter, already taking 11 nine passes in the last second of the quarter.

9:00 pm: Mahoms put it down for the first time, gaining the required four yards. Ball to KC 30 for heads.

8:56 pm: Buffalo’s pont goes to the last area for touchback because nothing comes of the great field position. Kansas City starts at its own 25th.

8:53 pm: Josh Allen is called in for intentional grounding. Following the penalty set themselves a fourth-and-2 up for the bills from 47 and they move it away.

8:50 pm: Following TD on the kick return, Buffalo forces a fumble of Byron Pringle and restores it. It’s the 12th takeaway of their game and they take charge at Chiefs 34.

8:45 pm Touchdown Buffalo. Josh Allen gets a 9-yard running TD, the first of his game. Bill runs it six times on that drive, Allen three times. Buffalo 7, Kansas City 3 The first one has 4:36 left.

8:44 pm: It was the first and round as Allen closed again, this time 11 yards. Bill inside the 10 yard line.

8:43 pm: Allen finds a wide open path to the Toss & Dawson Knox down the field and the two connect to Kansas City 22 for 23 yards.

8:42 pm: Josh Allen jumped in and flew for 322 yards in the second game of Buffalo. Bills are already across midfield.

8:41 pm: The first drive of the Buffalo game starts from KC25.

8:37 pm: Roundabout Kansas City. Harrison Booker got the chief on the board with 38 yard field goals. It turns off a 17-play drive that took 6:29 and it Kansas City 3, Buffalo 0.

8:34 pm: It’s a quick third-and-12 in Buffalo 19 for Casey but Mahirom’s Tyrick Hill pass has been dropped. The fourth brings down.

8:31 pm: Chiffara gets bail down the third again as Buffalo draws another penalty down the third, the second so far. Bill for Casey from ’28 to first -10.

8:29 pm: Kansas City was converted to another third down.

8:26 pm: With pockets broken, Mahoms is looking for new acquirer Josh Gordon. Instead, Mahoms flies and goes down first to cross the midfield.

8:25 pm: Patrick Mahoms down Tyrick Hill for 12 yards to move down to the third to advance to Chiefs 43 and reset the Downs.

8:23 pm: In this AFC title game reunion, Chiffra started with the ball at their own 25.

When Bill vs. Chiefs started

  • Date: Sunday, October 10
  • Kick: 8:20 pm ET | 7:20 pm CT

The Bills-Chiefs game will start at 8:20 p.m. The game will be at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City

How to watch ‘Sunday Night Football’

In the “Sunday Night Football” matchup, Al Michaels’ usual broadcast team will provide play-by-play analysis, Chris Collinsworth analysis, and Michelle Tafoa will report from the sidelines. Terry McAll will be the game rules analyst.

Those who previously tuned in to NBC will catch “Football Night in America” ​​hosted by Mike Tiriko and Maria Taylor, with Tony Dungi, Drew Bryce, Chris Sims and Mike Florio Studio providing analysis with Jack Collinsworth and Rodney Harrison at Arrowhead Stadium.

Sunday Night Football Schedule 2021

Week Date Matchup
D September (Thur.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys
12 September Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears
2 September 19 Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs
3 2 Sep September San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers
4 October 3 New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5 October 10 Kansas City Chief vs. Buffalo Bill
6 October 17 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks
7 October 24 San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts
8 October 31 Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys
9 November 7 Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans
10 November 14 Las Vegas Riders vs. Kansas City Chiefs
11 November 21 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
12 2 Nov November Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns
13 December 5 Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
14 December 12 Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
15 December 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints
16 December 26 Washington football team vs. Dallas Cowboys
17 January 2 Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings
18 January 9 TBD

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