Bilateral police reform is dead because Republicans insisted on protecting bad police

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) rejected the Democrats’ final proposal on police reform because Republicans would not change immunity for the police.

Bilateral police reform is dead

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Sen. Corey Booker (D., NJ) said Wednesday that he called Sen. Tim Scott (R., SC) and said Mr. The Scots were consulted after Scott did not accept their final offer. Mr. Scott’s office did not immediately comment.


As negotiations continue, lawmakers are unable to resolve differences over how police officers should be judged and held accountable, including changing or eliminating a legal doctrine known as competent immunity that protects officers from prosecution. Democrats favored more sweeping change, while Republicans sought more progressive measures.

Democrats wanted real police reform. The Republicans wanted to pretend.

Republicans will not engage in serious conversations to improve community policing, and officials who will hold them accountable instead of breaking the law show their complete lack of seriousness and concern about those killed in police shootings in the United States. On a regular basis.

Good police officers want to hold the bad ones accountable. Communities want to be able to believe that the police keep them safe and not kill them.

The problem remains, as has been the case for many years, that Republicans are not interested in implementing any reforms that the majority of Americans support.

On police reform, Democrats were wasting their time thinking Republicans would come to the table to reach an agreement.

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