Biden’s inflationary policies will be deeply felt at Christmas

By Steve Curtis for RealClear Politics

Biden Blue Christmas is moving in this direction. So far, his tenure at the White House has been marked by a series of, self-inflicted scandals, especially on the southern border and quite annoying departures from Afghanistan. But the longest lasting, broadest policy mistake is the Biden economic crisis that will end in a holiday season of scarcity, despair and economic instability.

The latest data point shows the intensity of inflation, with last week’s core PCE (Personal Expenditure Index) reaching a 30-year high. This number verifies consumer price index readings of 5.3% or above prior to June-August, the highest level of inflation since 2008.

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Compare that price increase with the expiration of Trump, when 45M In January 2021, President Joe Biden handed over an inflation rate of only 1.%. In fact, even as the United States aggressively re-emerges from the pandemic in mid-2020, Trump has gone through a period of inflation. 1.% or less economic recovery arrangements were made for a few months of his administration.

What is the reason for the sudden and massive increase in prices? This was the reckless orrowing of the new president and the enormous cost. Once Biden took office, encouraged by a complex corporate media, he adopted a government on Capitol Hill using his razor-thin Democrat majority that was already orroning and spending too much and imposing financial weakness on steroids.

These spending agencies included widespread incentives for Americans No. Including work, a largely unpaid unemployment benefit and a permanent moratorium on rent payments. Surprisingly, this policy mix has resulted in stubbornly low employee participation rates. That lack of staff, in turn, has stalled and slowed the larger recovery, and exacerbated systemic supply-chain disruptions that have hurt the economy.

Even the biased Washington Post acknowledges this lack of staff as the cause of the disruption, acknowledging that “there are not enough truckers or warehouse workers.” So, what is the long-term impact of paying millions of people to stay home for months on end? Go to the figure.

Because of Biden’s radical agenda, we have faced a broken budget with the effects of massive inflation, and the push for dangerous supplies to the economy that only moves on the time list. To make matters worse, Biden’s unconstitutional and unscientific order to force a large number of American workers to be vaccinated as a condition of employment will push more workers to the sidelines.

What will be the consequences of America’s inability to move stuck ports and equipment? In the coming weeks and months, the shortage of key products will increase, possibly leading to a shortage of important consumer goods during the Christmas shopping season.

Because of Joe Biden, there is a strong chance that the things that Americans want and need will not be easily available. Products that will be in stock, prices will shock customers, many consumer giants like Costco and Nike have already warned that will last until the end of the year.

Adding to these economic constraints, working class citizens face a harsh winter of rising heating costs. For example, millions of Americans use propane to heat their homes, and prices have nearly tripled since Biden was elected.

The outlook for natural gas is not very good, as these prices are 89% staggering since Biden was elected. This price increase will shock Americans in particular as Donald Trump transformed our country into a natural gas and energy superpower in Saudi Arabia as a whole.

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This legacy has been ruined by Joe Biden and his misguided war against U.S. power. As is the case with leftist policies, modest income people will literally pay the price as temperatures drop in the coming weeks.

American citizens have become aware of this economic reality, as several original studies have shown. Biden began his term with considerable flexibility. For example, he prided himself on the approximately 20 percent-point positive ratio of approval vs. disagreement, which is reflected by the realClearPolitics polling average.

This high honor turned into a negative zone in August and Biden is under water under the metric of that original feeling.

Isolated economies clearly force much of this vote to fall, as 17% of Americans strongly approve of their jobs and economic management, while a recent Economist / UGV poll found that many doubled to 34%.

Biden’s inefficiency in the economy makes the overall reversal to pessimism, as 54% of citizens now believe that the country is on the wrong track versus 41% reporting that we are moving in the right direction, according to Harvard CAPS / Harris Polling. Incidentally, that number was almost reversed as of July, 53% then reported our country in the right way.

Citizens feel the fall because they enjoy the reality of expensive admissions and rare things. Tragically, the upcoming holiday season brings economic death. It will be a Biden Blue Christmas.

But, if there is hope for the eternal spring of 2022, then congressional Republicans now need the courage and ingenuity to implement a financial tourniquet to stop Biden’s agenda and stop inflation. They can do this with a debt ceiling.

When Dames begs for help, appeals for growth, the right GOP response is to look Joe, Nancy and Chuck in the eye, smile – and say “no” out loud.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Steve Curtis is a Newsmax TV host.

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