Biden throws the hammer at Trump and doesn’t block any 1/6 documents

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie made it official. The Biden 1/6 Committee will not demand executive privileges to block Trump’s documents.


Asked what Biden would do if Trump asked him to block committee documents, Saki said, “I do I’m not aware of anything Promotion We don’t get regular outreach From the former president or His team. I think it’s safe to assume. I would say we accept it The matter is incredibly serious. The President has already received Conclude that it will not Suitable for executive claims Privilege, and so will we Respond quickly to these The questions as they are raised and Of course they come from such Congress “

The White House later stated that the decision would be made on a case-by-case basis, which did not change Saki ‘s original statement:

The press secretary said the Biden administration was working with various congressional investigations into the 1/6 attack.

Biden is going to help the committee make sure Trump faces justice for 1/6.

It was previously reported that the Biden administration was leaning towards changing everything the 1/6 committee wanted. Jane Saki has made it official. Biden is not going to help Trump with his cover-up, pretending to defend the executive branch.

Gone are the days of being able to run Trump’s cover-up.

The 1/6 committee will get the documents and information they need, and in the process the American people will finally know the whole story about Donald Trump and the Capitol attacks.

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