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One of the most annoying, annoying and dangerous lies told regularly in Washington DC is that everything is paid for in full.

Let’s be clear: the federal government has not fully paid for its normal, run-of-the-mill expenses in one year since 2001. The longest period for office expenses and revenue to balance the budget in the next in0 years. Nevertheless, lawmakers on both sides continue this line whenever they want to change major policies. Democrats promised that Obama Care would be revenue-neutral. It didn’t. Republicans promised that Trump’s tax cuts would pay for themselves. They didn’t.

Now it’s the Democrats’ turn to play the game, and President Joe Biden has risen to the plate with devotion. Speaking Friday about the combined infrastructure package and budget reconciliation bill that the House could vote on at some point this week, the president announced that anyone concerned with the আইন 3.5 trillion price tag of the next law should calm down.

“We’re talking about the price tag. It’s the zero price tag of debt,” Biden said Said. “We’re going to pay for everything we spend.”

Of course, Joe.

Democrats are proposing a বৃদ্ধি 2.3 trillion tax increase for their r. 5 trillion reunification package and a ০০ 1 billion saving to pay for changes to Medicare and the purchase of Medicaid pharmaceutical drugs. The rest is thought to have been paid for future economic growth – the idea that increasing government spending would lead to more employment and greater economic activity, resulting in higher-than-expected tax collection.

It’s a bit like saying that your drinking habits can pay off for yourself, e.g. BecauseThis is explained by Peter Suderman.

Mathematics is not added. To achieve the “dynamic scoring” needed to offset new spending of ০০ 60,000 billion or more, the Reconciliation Bill would increase U.S. economic output by about 20.5 percent by 2021. This is much more than every independent assessment. The package says it will. In fact, at least one evaluation of the package states that the increase in the tax on the bill and the acceptance of the orrow will eliminate the benefit of the increase in expenditure. Low.

The controversy over those assumptions is quite secret. But no matter what prediction you believe, the fact that some lawmakers are now winning the magic of “dynamic scoring” is quite skeptical. Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee – the committee that has compiled details of the reconciliation bill over the past few weeks – have warned Republicans to rely on “dynamic scoring” to balance Trump’s tax cuts in the long run. Sanders (I -Vt.) Called dynamic scoring “gimmick”Secret“The real cost of the law. Now, he’s good at using it because the Republicans did it first.

If taxes could be imposed on hypocrisy, maybe we could balance the budget.

This is not the only doubtful idea behind Biden’s promise that everything will be paid in full. It does not fully account for the long-term budgetary impact of the newly expanded child tax credit, which allows Congress to claim $ 700 billion for “savings” that are unlikely to be implemented. The Reconciliation Bill calls for further increase in IRS enforcement, which currently hopes to earn 23 239 billion from unsolicited taxes. This is probably an overstatement, as the CBO says the provisions will not generate more than 120 120 billion from tax compliance increases.

If the over-pink assumptions in the reconciliation bill are not true, the extra n will be added to the national n. That would add ১ 1.9 trillion to one-year spending that Congress approved in Biden’s directive earlier this year যার none of which was paid for cost-cutting or tax increases. National debt has already matched the size of the country’s economy and will continue to grow in the future without adding to it.

If the bill is truly passed, the Democrats in Congress will have to prove to the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxes to provide a detailed analysis of the “dynamic scoring” promise contained in the reconciliation bill. Without it, Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at the Libertarian Cato Institute, argues that Democrats claim that higher spending will create adequate economic growth with no solid backup.

“There’s no magic money tree in Washington,” Edwards said. “Rather, taxpayers will eventually pay for current tax increases, debt and future tax increases and expenditures through inflation.”

Some lawmakers, especially Sense. Joe Manchin (D –W.Va.) And Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz.), Have so far refused to support the president’s plan because of their concerns about adding national. They should not believe Biden’s false promise of a “zero price tag” even after the White House Double that claim On monday.

And taxpayers shouldn’t be comforted in another round of Washington’s favorite lies.

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