Biden rescues CNN for less than 1 million viewers overnight from Network’s 26-day streak

President Biden offered CNN a lifeline because the struggling network was desperate to raise ratings after an average of 1 million viewers went without a program for about a month.

Biden rewarded CNN with a third primetime town hall, and Anderson Cooper returns for a second term as moderator. The president was greeted by an audience in fiercely liberal Baltimore where Democrat participants asked most questions.

American CNN’s ‘softball’ ignores Biden Town Hall, instead starts regular programming on Fox News, MSNBC

Despite all the built-up hype, CNN still ranks third, behind Fox News averaging 2.8 million and MSNBC averaging 1.4 million with just 1.2 million viewers in the 8-9: 30 pm ET period.

Perhaps the silver lining for CNN is that Town Hall offered a night of seven-digit viewers, which has become a rarity for the declining network.

CNN’s widely circulated town hall with President Biden failed to resonate with viewers. (AP Photo / Evan Bhuchi)
(AP Photo / Evan Bhuchi)

Town Hall is the first CNN program in 26 days to reach more than 1 million viewers. The last time any regular scheduled CNN program received such an audience was on September 24th.

It remains to be seen whether CNN’s live special will do enough to stop its viewers from bleeding.

It also marks CNN’s least-visited town hall featuring Biden. The network, run by Don Lemon in July, had an average of 1.46 million visitors to the previous town hall. Cooper’s first town hall with the president in February gained 3.4 million visitors.

CNN’s Biden Town Hall: 7 Democrats, Only 2 Republicans

Many of the viewers who tuned in to CNN’s Biden Town Hall had problems with this.

“How Anderson Cooper – who has won awards for reporting from war zones including Afghanistan – feels there is no need to ask a question about Afghanistan,” said Fox News contributor Joe Concha. “The White House has clearly gotten what it wanted from CNN, not the shell of a once-proud news brand.”

President Joe Biden attends a low-rated CNN Town Hall.  (AP Photo / Evan Bhuchi)

President Joe Biden attends a low-rated CNN Town Hall. (AP Photo / Evan Bhuchi)
(AP Photo / Evan Bhuchi)

Curtis Hawk, managing editor of Newsbuster CNN also condemned the event To easily get to Biden in the title, “CNN Treats Biden to Another Clownish Pep Rally Lettered with Watered-Down Softball.”

“The 89-minute state-run media operation on Thursday showed questions that were either innocuous, unimaginable, or waterlogged so that they come across as innocuous.”

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“Surprisingly, CNN and Biden handlers have confirmed that Cooper and listeners have avoided issues like Afghanistan, alleged rape, critical race theory, left-handed Loudoun County public school cover-up meetings, and FBI spying on parents talking on school boards. Biden’s ongoing industry scandal, ”Hawk added. “Going back to the questions they allowed, the two neutral questions deal with the harsh reality of how things like inflation and the supply chain crisis have made the cost of living more stressful and weak, but they were lowered to help. Biden is to blame. Please. “

Brian Flood of Fox News contributed to this report.

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