Biden prevented Trump from concealing documents from the 1/6 committee

President Biden has officially informed the National Archives that he will not seek executive privileges to protect Trump’s documents from the 1/6 committee.

Biden prevented Trump from hiding 1/6 of the documents

NBC News reports:

In a letter to the National Archives obtained by NBC News, White House Counsel Dana Remus rejected an attempt by Trump’s lawyers to withhold documents requested by the House Select Committee on the activities of the then president. It is not in the best interests of the United States to claim that executive privilege, and therefore no document is fair.

“These are unique and extraordinary situations,” Remus added. “Congress is examining attacks on our Constitution and democratic institutions that have sworn to protect them and provocative, and under-investigated conduct is beyond the general discussion of the President’s constitutional discharge. The constitutional protections of executive privileges should not be used to protect from Congress or the public, information that reflects a clear and apparent attempt to distort the Constitution itself.

Trump’s last resort is to sue

Trump is claiming that he has executive privileges that he does not have. Steve Bannon followed Trump’s leadership and tried to claim executive privileges after being under the committee and now he is on the fast track to being criminally charged.

The 1/6 Committee investigation is turning into a nightmare for Trump. Biden is not going to bail Trump out by helping him conceal documents related to the 1/6 attack.

If Trump can’t stop the release of documents related to his administration’s activities in court on 1/6, the committee is going to get valuable information about the possible role of the White House in the attack.

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