Biden plans to exempt some Taliban-appointed Afghan civil servants from terrorism ban

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Biden admin plans to exempt some Taliban-era Afghan civil servants from US terrorism-related entry bans
A draft document obtained by Fox News states that the Biden administration plans to allow some Afghan civil servants employed by the Taliban government in 1996-2001 to be exempted from terrorism-related restrictions on entry into the United States. The administration has continued to bring in thousands of Afghans as part of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has reviewed the draft planning document, Fox News, on how the Homeland Security Department plans to release Afghan government employees working under the Taliban regime from terrorism-related disqualifications. Grounds (TRIG) if they meet other background and screening requirements.

TRIG places restrictions on individuals who are members of a terrorist organization or who have been involved in terrorism, making them unacceptable in the United States and ineligible for immigration benefits. The USCIS website states that the definition of terrorism-related activity is “relatively broad and may apply to individuals and activities that are not generally considered to be associated with terrorism.” This means that the TRIG will probably reject those who worked under the Taliban regime, who ruled from 1996 to 2001 when the United States was overthrown for harboring al Qaeda after the 1996/11 attacks.

“Many people who worked in the civil service before the declaration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 1996 have continued to do so even after the declaration,” the document justifies the application. “Some did it in other situations of persecution or distress.”

“Some use their positions in humanitarian capacity to mitigate the repressive actions of the Taliban regime, often at great personal risk. Some of these civilians later served or assisted the International Security Assistance Force, the US government or the established Afghan government.” , “It adds. Click here for our top story.

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Texas-based Southwest to comply with Biden vaccine order despite US governor’s opposition ban
Southwest and American Airlines, located outside of Texas, plan to continue requiring vaccines for its employees despite new restrictions on Governor Greg Abbott’s vaccine mandate this week.

According to the Washington Post, violators of the governor’s Monday executive order that affect private businesses and that prevent Texans from “losing their livelihoods” could face fines. The vaccine should “always be voluntary for Texans,” Abbott said in the order.

But President Biden also issued a conflicting federal mandate that would soon take effect, requiring more than 100 employees and all federal employees and contractors to have their businesses vaccinated or submitted for testing.

According to the post, both American and Southwest have thousands of employees.

“I’ve never been in favor of the corporation issuing such an order,” Gary Kelly, Southwest’s chief executive officer, told CNBC on Tuesday. “But President Biden’s executive order states that all federal employees and then all federal contractors who cover all major airlines must have a mandated vaccine by December 8, so we are working through it.” Click here for more.

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The Republican Iowa House won the seat in a special election held by Dames for decades
Republicans in Iowa House won a special election Tuesday and demanded a seat that a Democrat has held in the state for decades.

John Dunwell, 55, a pastor and financial services representative, went from blue to red after winning nearly 60% of the vote in Iowa House District 29, the Des Moines Register said. The victory marked the second special election victory for Republicans in recent weeks, giving the party a -0-40-majority in the State House.

“The Iowans are sending a clear message – they have completely rejected the policies and programs of the Iowa Democrats,” Jeff Kaufman, the state’s Republican Party chief, said in a statement. He said it was his hope that the state’s GOP would “help end the anarchy that erupted in Washington, D.C.”

Wes Breckenridge, the Democratic incumbent who defeated Dunwell in 2020, resigned after taking a job at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. Dunwell defeated Democrat Steve Mullen, a 822-year-old retired teacher who served on Newton City Council. Click here for more.

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– Govt

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Victor Davis Hanson Join Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night, issuing a warning to Democrats before next year’s midterm elections. To support this argument, he listed President Biden’s controversial vaccine mandate and far-left policy, saying they were hurting U.S. institutions এবং and that it would not be good for him in the midterm elections.

“It’s going to be an account,” Hanson told the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host. “I think whether it’s the Mexican-American community on the border or where I live, or the football frenzy about what’s being taught in the mother school, it’s not a top-notch revolution, it’s a grassroots populist revolution. We’re going to see it. Many of these organizations are angry about the position they have taken and the damage they have done. “

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