Biden discusses friendship with Colin Powell in his first camera comment since his death

In his last public speech on Sept. 30, former Secretary of State Colin Powell became emotional while talking about his decision to help start the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at City College in New York.

At a virtual event at the school, Powell described why he felt inspired to get more involved in the school after meeting City College students in New York. The video was posted on September 30th.

“I looked at them, and they were me, and they came from an immigrant background like mine, and they came from some borough in the Bronx, and they were smiling, and they were happy,” Powell said.

The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership is a neutral research center that is part of City College in New York. According to their website, the school is home to the college’s “Department of Social Sciences” and “Key Leadership Development and Public Service Program”.

Powell graduated from City College in New York as a graduate and graduated in 1958. According to their website, the school was founded in 2013.

Originally, a donor created the Colin Powell Institute to be a part of the college, and Powell was invited to speak with some of the college students affiliated with the institute. But after meeting with students, he felt compelled to do more, he said, which motivated him to start school.

“I went to see it, and the Colin Powell Institute, and it’s a think tank, okay I’m not crazy for the think tank but this guy is paying for it, and the kids are getting it,” he said.

Powell asked the students to tell him about themselves.

“I was sitting at the head of the president’s table, in his conference room, and I told the kids you tell me who you are and where you all come from,” he said. “I said, ‘Tell each of them where you came from, where your parents came from, and what your future holds.’ In each of them, I think there were twelve, each of them did it … ”Powell said, and they became emotional about what they told him about their future plans.

“Everyone … I was just as emotional then as I am now. And I tried, I was a better person at handling it than I am now, but I said my God, this is me, that’s when I decided I had to do more than just show up again and again, “he said.

This was the time when Powell worked with the then president of the college to continue the institute and finally, a year or two later, Colin Powell worked to start the school, he said.

“It wasn’t an American dream, it was an American journey, they were all on an American journey, and I think of that crowd no matter what they are, I hope they’ve all graduated,” he added.

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