Biden claims that the $ 3.5 trillion ‘Build Back Better’ plan actually costs zero dollars

In a tweet that shook the heads of many and turned a blind eye, President Joe Biden claimed that the $ 3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill Democrats are trying to run through Congress would “cost zero dollars.”

The bill, which will reach almost every area of ​​American life, has drawn condemnation from Republicans and even some Democrats, who are unsure about voting on something with such a high price tag.

Take a look at Biden’s claim:

Now, to be fair to Biden and to be a hard-working truth-teller in the mainstream media কী perhaps he really wanted to have his say. Agenda itself – Instead of the current 3.5 trillion bill to implement the agenda – the cost is zero dollars.

Of course, we could play semantics that way – after all, “it doesn’t cost anything to think about.”

But surely anyone listening to Biden will understand that he is talking about his policy – especially this focal point bill – which Absolutely, of course, costs money.

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WAPO reporter echoed Biden’s claim

Even some Democrat lawmakers are having trouble with the bill’s massive cost, echoing Washington Post reporter Katherine Rampel Biden’s unreasonable claim that the $ 3.5 trillion bill could be “misleading” and “zero.”

Rampampel said that challenging is his “number one priority”, according to him, a false statement in the media that is increasing the cost of the bill.

“There’s a good way to spend a lot of money. The kind of media coverage we’re getting doesn’t really explore whether the kind of things in this bill are genius… it’s just a matter of numbers.”

Stelter asked why the 3.5 trillion figure was misleading. Rampamps continue, (emphasis added):

The actual cost will be smaller than that in terms of deficit. Probably, even zero – Although I think it’s impossible. And it’s not exactly a cost, it’s not a বিল 3.5 bill, because there’s probably a trillion tax cuts, too. So it is really difficult to summarize what this law is because it does a lot and because they are still discussing the basic parameters.

Biden and his colleagues in the media seem to be applying this argument that the bill has been “paid” and therefore “no cost”. In other words, there is nothing new Deficit Spending on the bill, it’s all covered by taxes, so it’s not Really Some costs.

Absolute, total Malarki.

Even if it’s true, (if a big one), the idea that your brand new roof “costs nothing” because you’ve cleared your savings account instead of charging your visa. Ridiculous.

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GOP response

Republicans quickly took to social media to denounce Biden’s tweets.

Representative Mary Miller (R-IL), and the GOP House Judiciary both simply said, “This is a lie.”

Representative Claudia Tenny (R-NY) said, “Simple math for President Biden: $ 3.5 trillion is not equal to zero.” Tenny added, “I have to admit, I thought it was from a parody account when I first read it. It was actually annoying to see from our president. He thinks he can spend an unprecedented ৫ 3.5.5 trillion and a penny of debt.” Can’t add? Who’s in charge? Scary. “

Representative Steve Omac (R-AR) said, “This is a complete lie. Will the biggest expense in government history be ‘zero dollars’? It denies logic and basic math. Will not change the truth. ”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) simply said, “Biden thinks his 3.5 3.5 trillion reckless spending plan is ‘cost zero dollars’? He’s very confused.”

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Democrats are trying to change America

For Joe Biden and the Democrats, the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill is an attempt by the Democrat Party to infiltrate almost every aspect of American life, almost literally from birth to death.

These include free pre-k for 3- and 3-year-olds, more child care benefits, and raising the minimum wage for child care to ১৫ 15 an hour. Also, two free years of community college, including paid medical leave of up to 12 weeks.

There will also be an expansion of Medicare benefits, including dental and vision benefits. Billions upon billions for climate change, and infrastructure. Corporations also have tax increases, which will ultimately filter out working Americans.

The bill also gives the IRS a lot of new powers. Negotiations are underway to determine the amount that banks will have to report deposits and withdrawals to automatically trigger a report in the IRS.

The House will vote on the measure on Thursday.

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