Biden Admin Pays Another মিল 20 Million for Mexico, Central America Immigrants and Refugees

The Biden administration announced Friday that it is providing an additional 20 20 million to Mexico and Central America for the region’s millions of migrants and refugees – including funding for healthcare, asylum and legal aid.

The State Department has announced that through its Bureau of Population, Refugees and Immigration, it is “providing funding to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of approximately 700,000 asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable immigrants in Central America and Mexico.”

The DHS says it is re-introducing the Trump-era ‘Remin-in-Mexico’ policy, revising the policy in November.

The money will support access to legal aid, shelter, healthcare and “mental health and psychological support”, the State Department said in a statement.

This brings the total assistance to the region to more than ১ 331 million for fiscal year 2021, the agency said – noting that the United States is the single largest donor to the region and to migrants in the region.

Amid the continuing and growing crisis on the southern border, which faced more than 200,000 migrants in July and August, the Biden administration has focused on tackling “root causes” such as poverty, violence and corruption in Central America.

“Through this new humanitarian assistance, the United States is advancing our mission to manage migration in the region, including access to security and increasing U.S. response to urgent humanitarian needs in Central America and Mexico,” the statement said. “It is part of the administration’s comprehensive approach to supporting safe, orderly and humane migration and also addresses the root causes of irregular migration in the region.”

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Critics of the administration have instead blamed the Biden administration for blaming migrants on border policy, including the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPPP) rolling back, reducing 42 public health protection titles and returning to “catch”. And release. “

The Biden administration said this week that it would be in a position to reintroduce immigration protection protocols যা known as the “stay in Mexico” policy বাধ্য forcing the administration to do so in response to a court order in mid-November. Trump-era policy keeps immigrants in Mexico because they are waiting for the outcome of their court proceedings, rather than leaving them inside the U.S.

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However, the administration has warned that Mexico’s cooperation is needed to implement the policy, stating that “the DHS cannot implement the MPP without the independent decision of Mexico that individuals want to be sent to the United States, and how many entries will require its consent and who will be accepted for return.” .

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