Best Nintendo Switch Bundle Deals – And Which Model to Choose (Fall 2021)

Outside retail On holidays like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, there’s a ton of great discounts on Nintendo’s console – The Switch, LED Switch and Switch Light. It often discounts its products, in part because of their popularity, the ongoing global epidemic and its supply chain, as well as Nintendo’s reluctance.

But if you find them for sale, which one should you choose? We have advice that can help, as well as the best way to make a pick. All the best deals and bundles of Nintendo Switch that we have received. We’ve got the best switch games for you to get started as well as the accessories you want. Read our switch tips and tricks to get the most out of your console.

Updated October 2021: We’ve added the switch LEDs, broken down the differences between the three models, and refreshed the rest of the guide.

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Which switch should you buy?

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When the switch came out, in 2017, there was only one model. Now there are three, and choosing the right one can be confusing if you don’t speed up how different they are. Let’s sort through each one.

It is the cheapest switch (8/10, wired recommended), but it is significantly limited in its capabilities. It is a unit, so the controllers are not disconnected. It cannot be docked to a TV, which means you can only run it in handheld mode. It’s the smallest and lightest of the three models, which makes it great for travel, but that means it has the smallest touchscreen: 5.5 inches. If none of this is a problem for you, then the $ 100 you save is worth it. You will not be able to play some games that require speed control Super Mario Party, Unless you decide to purchase a Joy-Con controller and connect them to the system (you will also need some kind of kickstand). To see if a game works well on a switch light, look for a “handheld mode” icon on the back of the esophagus or physical game box.

The next step is the standard switch (7/10, wired recommendation) that has been selling like hotcakes since 2017. Technically, Nintendo refreshed the Switch in 2019 with a slightly better battery life, but otherwise the system is almost the same. Behind the LCD display it has a built-in kickstand, a Joy-Con controller to move it forward, and a dock that you can hook up to your TV to seamlessly transition from handheld to the big screen.

The new switch OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is similar to the original switch, but its upgrades easily make it worth the extra $ 50. Most notably, the screen naturally. In contrast to the LCD screens of the other two models, the LED panel has pixels that individually turn on and off the light, allowing for a truly black and even better color contrast. Your games will look much nicer. The display is also large – 7 inches vs. 6.62 inches of the standard switch – but the small border around the screen means the two are about the same size.

If OLED doesn’t sell you, there will be a kickstand. The kickstand of the original switch is weak, difficult to open, and doesn’t really balance the display so well. In OLED, the kickstand extends the entire length of the console. You can adjust it so that the screen sits at different angles. It is much more stable and versatile. Additional enhancements include 64GB of storage instead of the original 32GB, slightly improved audio quality and an Ethernet port on the dock, so you can connect it to your router for faster internet speeds without using a separate dongle, like the original switch.

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