Best NFL DFS Stacks Week 4: Draft Kings, Fanuel Tournament, Lineup Pickup for Daily Fantasy Football Cash Games

If you want to win NFL DFS cash games and tournaments, there’s no better way to give yourself a leg up than to stack two or three sets of teammates. Stacking opens the door to double points. If you can properly disassemble the matchups and pair the standard slippers together, you will create a potential boom opportunity for your Draftkings and Funduel lineups.

DraftKings and FanDuel have some great stacking options this week. As usual, the price of Draftkings is a bit more variable, so it’s easy to build a three-player stack on that platform. DraftKings also makes it easy to create running backs and defense stacks, but Fanduel offers a lot of opportunities to create great pass-oriented stacks.

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If you want to stack a quarterback not too often with a wide receiver or tight end you can pair the quarterback with two pass-catching arms in good matchups. Running backs and defenses also pair well, although stacking running backs with pass-catchers and quarterbacks can create some interesting, contrasting lineups.

This week has some of the best stacks for Draftkings and Fanuel lineups. Week 4 has many opportunities to stack quarterbacks, and there is a potential reverse stack that can be interesting. Be sure to follow our Twitter account SN_Fantasy All of our DFS content is going to kickoff every week.

Week 4 NFL DFS Pickup: Top Cash Game Stack for Draftkings, Fanduel

QB vs. Josh Allen, WR Stefon Diggs, WR Cole Beasley, Bills vs. Bills Texans (DK Stack)

The Bills finally came out of their slow start to the season. They lit up the Washington football team this week at We Point. Against the Texans they can be trusted in another good place.

In terms of defense, Houston has been better than expected, but they are still in the top ten approved for quarterbacks on both DK and FD points. They surrendered two quick touchdowns to Sam Darnold in “Thursday Night Football” this week, so they could be sensitive to Allen’s feet, especially in the red zone.

Considering the improvement that quarterback Rushing TD could give a lineup, capturing Allen is a smart move. So getting Diggs and Beasley too. They were the top two receivers for the Bills and they combined for 23 goals for the final game. That’s right, no one caught a touchdown last week – they only came together in one season – but they should have a chance to score against the Texans. If not, Reception Up will work just fine with the full point PPR DraftKings lineup.

Need another reason for optimism here? Just look at what DJ Moore did against the Texans last week. He caught eight passes for 126 yards and Houston couldn’t stop him. They may have similar problems with slow diggs.

Week 4 Standard Ranking:
Quarterback | Run backwards Wide receiver | Tight end | D / ST | Kicker

QB Patrick Mahomes, WR Tyreek Hill, TE Travis Kelce, Chiefs at Eagles (DK / FD stack)

Post did not post prescott The monster Numbers against the Eagles in Week 3, but he easily picked up 238 passing yards and three touchdowns in “Monday Night Football.” Expect Mahoms and the chiefs to do the same.

After starting the 1-2 season, desperately desperate to win. They left the back-to-back game and would be extra motivated to beat the Ags because it was a revenge game for Andy Reed.

The numbers also line up for Kansas City. Mahomes has an average of 29.7 DK points and 27.73 FD points this season. Ag Gals allowed Dalton Schultz to catch six passes for 800 yards and two TDs, so they could fight Kells as well.

Heel is the only solid player, as the Ags allowed league-low 294 yards for the receiver. That said, they are allowing an average of 12.3 yards per reception, which is league-wide dead-middle. Hill has the necessary speed to take advantage of Hill’s defenses, so he can break a long TD.

This matchup is a rock-solid, as it can be a high-scoring affair. For example, it is understandable to pay for Mahoms, Heels and Kells. They have high ceilings and high floors; Whatever you’re looking for in a cash-game lineup.

Week 4 PPR Ranking:
Quarterback | Run backwards Wide receiver | Tight end D / ST | Kicker

RB Derrick Henry and DEF Titans at Jets (DK / FD stack)

This has created a potential monster game for Derrick Henry. The Jets are allowing third-most FPPG in RB and fourth-most FanDuel in Draftkings. It already looks like a good match on paper, but when you factor in Jack Wilson, it gets even better.

The Jets have struggled with BYU’s raw rookie to run the show. Wilson has recorded two touchdowns this season but has had seven interceptions through three games. The Titans don’t have the best defense, but they don’t need Rookie to rush.

Tennessee held the Colts to just 16 points last week. They were unable to force any turnover, but they had a couple of sacks on a hobbled Carson Wentz. The Colts now have better offensive talent than the Jets, so the Titans should be able to have more success against Wilson and company.

Of course, believing in a low level of defense which is the second highest priced option on the slate may not seem ideal. However, fading a team that has averaged 6.7 points per game and dropped five sacks and 2.3 turnovers per game is no wise thing to do. Doing this and running it with Henry should give you big points, because if the Titans produce during the sale and get a good field position, you should rely on Henry for most of the afternoon.

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Week 4 Draftkings, Fanduel Picks: Best Stack for Daily Fantasy Football GPP / Tournament

QB Matt Ryan, WR Calvin Ridley, TE Kyle Pitts, Falcon vs. Washington (DK / FD stack)

Ryan showed some signs of life in the Falcons ’17-14 win against the Giants. There’s nothing to write at home about 243 yards and two TDs, but he’s one of the cheapest starting quarterbacks available at DFS this week and he’s in a great matchup.

The next step was to make Washington’s defense elite. It didn’t happen at all. Instead, they backed down badly and fought hard against the quarterback. They are allowing 30 DK points per position and 27.7 FanDuel points. Both are ranked as the highest in the NFL.

Thus, Ryan will have the opportunity to do some T-off against a defense that has allowed the fifth-most passing yards in three weeks of NFL action. However, he will not be highly owned, as he has not played well this year and still has an idea that Washington has a strong defense. This turned Ryan into a great game in the tournament.

Stacking Ryan with his two top weapons – Calvin Ridley, who leads the team with 229 goals, and Kyle Pitts, who is second with 1 target – is understandable. Both have the opposite side and they could take advantage of Washington’s weak secondary play. Washington wasn’t as bad as the tight end, but his linebacker play wasn’t as good. Against high-level talent like Pitts, they can have a tough game.

Finally, Arthur Smith will figure out how to make the Falcons proud of this crime. Why not take a chance on them this week that could be a more aggressive matchup than people expected?

QB Baker Mayfield, RB Kareem Hunt, WR Odell Beckham Jr., Browns at Vikings (DK / FD stack)

The Browners are facing the Vikings this week. Minnesota has a strong offense but they have allowed 959 passing yards, the fourth-best in the NFL so far this season. Cleveland may have to throw a lot to take advantage of this weakness and keep pace with Kirk Cousins ​​’scoring unit.

This stacking method is an excellent one, as it allows us to share both the passing game of the Browns and their elite running game. While this may look like a somewhat reverse stack, it’s not actually.

Jarvis Laundry is still out with a knee injury, and looks set to be the No. 2 receiver for the Hunt Brown when he recovers. Beckham saw nine goals in Cleveland’s win against the Bears to lead the team, but Hunt saw seven. It was the team’s second highest by a wide margin.

So, even if Cleveland falls behind or falls into a shootout, Hunt should get points as a check-down option for Mayfield. This makes him an interesting option, as he will have value in tackles if the Browns go ahead.

Mayfield may have a total of four TDs this season, but it’s a good opportunity for him to combine a multi-score game. He’s the most risky part of this stack, but given he’s a mid-level value, he’s a suitable swing for the fence in the tournament.

Arabic Eliza Mitchell and Arabic Tray Advice, 49ers vs. Sihaks (DK Stack)

Here’s a true reverse stack that could pay off – if Eliza Mitchell is able to play.

So far this season, the C Hawks have struggled to stop running behind. They allowed the second-fastest yards to position (413) and the most obtained yards (248).

At their best, the 49ers are a run-heavy team. They’ve just passed 53.7 percent this year, good for the 25th in the NFL. Because of Seattle’s weakness they will definitely want to get the ball in the hands of their running backs. This means it could be a big deal for both Mitchell and Khutba.

Mitchell is dealing with a shoulder injury, but if he plays, he could leave. Prior to Missing Week 3, he averaged 19 touchdowns for 78.5 total yards in his first two games.

Meanwhile, the advice against the Packers was not effective, but he made a touchdown and saw 12 touches during the game. If 49 John Mitchell wants to get back into action, he can really carry on with his teammate Rookie. This will give everyone the opportunity to pay as a low cost starter.

The matchup here is good and spending on both RB spots can save us money targeting our other top tier QBs and WR. This tactic is a risky one, but if Kyle Shanahan takes advantage of what the Seahawks give him, he will have to lean into the running game to carry the 49ers.

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