Bernice Burgos Ticket shared a Twitter video with her daughter

When they say that apples don’t fall away from the tree, they never lie. Bernice Burgos and her adult daughter Ashley Marie are beautiful, great bodies and very popular. Barnes, an influential and entrepreneur, never seems to surprise people; However, whenever he pops out with his daughter, it is always a topic of discussion, especially ‘village’.

Last night the two of them headed to a gentleman’s club Truth TX in Houston and a few turned their heads. Barnes shared some videos of her and her daughter on Instagram and they looked amazing. Women were not the only notable names in the building. Jania Mesel, a mother of NBA Youngboy boys, even made an appearance. Barnis and Ashley Mary, among others, had a turn-up while inside the club. Both women took a moment to show off their dance moves while enjoying the environment.

One of the videos shared by Barnis shows his daughter smoking a hookah next to him, and the other shows Barnis raining down on the dancers. Just when the mother-daughter duo seemed to be having fun for the night, tonight, Barnes uploaded a tic-tac-toe video to draw attention back to himself. In a video promoting Bernice’s sleepwear line, the women use the popular mystical “danger” clause to show that she is trying to teach her daughter to play.

Although the video was innocent and showed a fun exchange between mother and daughter, some people felt that Barnes had emerged more as a friend rather than a mother. One roommate commented, “There’s no hell that I can’t play with my daughter.” Young Miami defended Bernie Bernice in The Shed Room, saying, “They should, moms are allowed to have fun with us! There is nothing better than spending time with my mom. We are adults now. ”

Rumis, leave a comment, and let us know what you think about the relationship between Barnes and Ashley Mary!

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