Bengals vs Jaguars Live Score, Updates, Highlights of NFL ‘Thursday Night Football’ Game

Leaders of AFC North this week with “Thursday Night Football” with the losers of AFC South with the Bengals (2-1) as the .5.5-point favorite over the Jaguars (-3–3).

Bengals quarterback Joe Barrow will compete in the state of Ohio against his former coach, Urban Meyer, who is now leading the Jaguars. This will be the first matchup in the NFL between the first round pick of 2020 (Burrow) and the first round pick of 2021 (Trevor Lawrence).

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The Jaguars defense will be challenged to stop running behind Bengal’s Joe Mixon. He is second in the NFL at Rushing Yard (286) and sixth at Screammaze Yard (315). In their Week 3 match against the Steelers, Mixon piled up 90 yards on 18 carries. The Jaguars have allowed five touchdowns for their opposing running backs this season, the second highest in the league.

In his first three games in the NFL, Lawrence has dropped just five touchdowns with seven interceptions. So far this year it has been a struggle for the Rookie quarterback.

Sporting News is tracking live updates and highlights of the Bengals vs Jaguars game on “Thursday Night Football”. Follow below for key moments of Week 3 matchup.


Bengal vs Jaguars score

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 F
Bengali 0 0
Jaguars 7 14

Bengals vs Jaguars live update, highlight from ‘Thursday Night Football’

(Always before)

10:07 pm – The Jaguars have no answer for Bengal as they go three and out in their opening drive in the second half.

Jaguar 14, Bengals 7

10:01 pm – Touchdown, Bengals. CJ Uzomah made the first touchdown for Bengal with a 22-yard finish.

10.00 pm – The Chase Jaguars run the 25-yard line for a 44-yard profit.

9:58 pm – Darius Phillips returns the ball to Bangalore 31 to start the half.

End of second quarter: Jaguars 14, Bengals 0

9:38 pm – Lawrence tries to rush the ball for a touchdown, but the fourth is down and the goal is short. With 53 seconds left, the Bengalis got the ball back.

9:36 pm – The chandelier is down within a yard of the endzone, but the Jaguars are down a fourth. This marks the end of another Jaguars deadline.

9:35 pm – The Jaguars take their second timeout before their third and goal effort.

9:30 pm – Shenlot held the longest end of Lawrence’s career, as the Jaguars advanced 50 yards to the Bengals’ 12-yard line. This is a hot start for the 0-3 team.

9:28 pm – After not gaining more than eight yards on the drive, the Bengalis went out three times.

Jaguar 14, Bengals 0

9:22 pm – Touchdown, Jaguars. Lawrence rushed for the first touch of his NFL career. The kick is good, as the Jaguars go above 14.

9:20 pm – Lawrence is down a third down first down. He has 19 rush yards so far.

9:18 pm – Robinson ran 20 yards first for the other Jaguars. He has 64 yards so far in this game.

9:17 pm – Lawrence ran down the first for a five-yard profit down the third. They end up in their 45-yard line.

9:12 pm – Dan Arnold finished first in the Jaguars 322-yard line.

9:12 pm – Chark Jr. is officially out for the rest of the game after an ankle injury.

9:09 pm – The Bengalis lost the ball again and lost their luck without scoring a goal.

9:07 pm – Jaguars have sacked Borough for the sixth sack of the Jaguars this season from Adam Gottis. There is a loss of six yards.

9:06 pm – Boyd completed 21-yards first.

End of first quarter: Jaguars 7, Bengals 0

8:56 pm – Quick failed drive for Bengal after the first failed.

Jaguars 7, Bengals 0

8:50 pm – Touchdown, Jaguars. Robinson rushed for the first touchdown of the game. The Jaguars took the lead after the kick got better 7-0 1:28 left.

8:49 pm – Another first down after James Robinson ran into the 23-yard line.

8:48 pm – In the second down, Lawrence runs to get the ball down first and ends up in the Bengal 35-yard line.

8:47 pm – The Jaguars opened their drive with two back-to-back firsts with a total gain of 19 yards.

8:43 pm – The noise in the field of Bengal is not good. Neither team scored in the first drive.

8:41 pm – Chase is flagged for pass interference on a potential first down game.

8:39 pm – Auden Tate caught the ball for 18 yards to get 2 to 2 in Jacksonville.

8:38 pm – Another first down for Bengal after Joe Barrow threw a Jamar chase to get to the Jaguars area.

8:36 pm – Tyler Boyd first lowered a Bengali when he moved into their 42-yard line.

8:32 pm – The Jaguars did not succeed in their first drive, so the Bengalis got the ball.

8:29 pm – The Jaguars took their first timeout after their second landing on this drive.

8:25 pm – Wide receiver DJ Charak Jr. stays on the ground after the second down. No injuries are unknown, but he is carted off the field.

8:24 pm – Trevor Lawrence Laviska throws Chelnut Jr. to open the game first.

8:23 pm – The Jaguars take the ball first as the game begins.

How to watch Bengals vs. Jaguars

  • Time: Thursday, September 30 at 8:20 pm ET
  • Television channels: NFL Network
  • Live stream: NFL Network, fuboTV

Bengals vs Jaguars will start on Thursday night :: 20 ET. The game will be broadcast exclusively on the NFL Network at the urging of Fox Sports announcers Joe Buck and Troy Eikman and with Erin Andrews and Christina Pink.

You can stream “Thursday Night Football” live online via fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day trial.

‘Thursday Night Football’ Schedule 2021

Week Date Matchup TV channel
5 October 7 Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams Fox, NFLN, Amazon
6 October 14 Philadelphia Aggalls vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Network
7 October 21 Cleveland Brown vs. Denver Broncos Fox, NFLN, Amazon
8 October 28 Arizona Cardinal vs. Green Bay Packers Fox, NFLN, Amazon
9 November 4 Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets Fox, NFLN, Amazon
10 November 11 Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens Fox, NFLN, Amazon
11 November 18 Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Fox, NFLN, Amazon
12 November 25 New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bill Fox, NFLN, Amazon
13 December 2 New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys Fox, NFLN, Amazon
14 December 9 Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Fox, NFLN, Amazon
15 December 16 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Fox, NFLN, Amazon
16 December 23 Tennessee Titans vs. San Francisco 49ers NFL Network
16 December 25 (Sat.) Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns Fox, NFLN, Amazon
16 December 25 (Sat.) Arizona Cardinals vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL Network

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