Ben Simmons trade talks ‘almost dead’ before NBA season begins

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons is apparently willing to sit in the Games forcing a trade. If so, the All-Star Point Guard could be sitting for a long time.

After the brutal performance of Simmons in the playoffs, a break in 76 years and beyond seemed inevitable. But Philadelphia sets an extremely high asking price, and it keeps interested parties away from a potential trade.

As the dramatic summer of the 76ers dragged on, Simmons made his intentions clear. He will not report to training camp and is committed to never playing for Philadelphia again. He leaked the fine shots of Joel Embed and ignored the efforts of teammates who reached out to him.

The 76ers don’t stop their asking price and refuse to be fit for the Simmons franchise, NBA teams are watching and this story could play out in the regular season.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Kurt Helen, “Meanwhile, real Simmons trade talks between the 76ers and other teams are almost dead.” “Teams have settled on their rosters for the start of the season. Until a franchise gets a significant hit, or starts slower than expected (or, perhaps faster), there’s nothing to change dynamic and spark.

Philadelphia is already doing training camps, and it is clear that this relationship will not be repaired in the near future. The 76ers withheld a $ 8.25 million payment, and the Star Guard seemed willing to lose a few million dollars to force a trade.

  • Ben Simmons contract: $ 33 million (2021-’22), $ 35.45 million (2022-’23), $ 37.9 million (2023-’23) and $ 40.34 million (2024-’25)

Neither side is in good shape. Simmons is under contract for the next four seasons, meaning Philadelphia can withhold his salary until then. But 76 want to compete for an NBA championship this season and they have no shot at doing it without the talented talent acquired through Simmons or the trade.

In the end, there will be a cave on both sides. It will probably be 76 people, who will finally realize that it is better to get something than to sit all-star in all.

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