Ben Domenek: ESPN Video has become an integral part of America

Ben Domenek, publisher of “The Federalist,” spoke to Fox News on Tuesday about the changing role of sports in American society:

Ben Dominic: Nothing compares to the sport that unites Americans. Sport is how we mark change in asons. Sport attracts us to the sound of rubber on the court in the spring, the green field you saw in the summer. The crunchy days of crisp college, the cold snowy days of winter where you can’t feel your toes but you can’t sit still.

It is a connection with the past and the future. All backgrounds, generations of devotees from all walks of life, who unite themselves to share in sorrow or glory according to the decision of the day.

Sports is our great teacher. Teaching us what guides us from childhood. Lessons about the importance of courage and patience, teamwork and perseverance. How to play like a champion, even in loss. Sports are at the center of American understanding of race, immigration, religion, and qualifications.

Baseball playoffs begin tonight, and from Jackie Robinson to Sandy Cowfax to Roberto Clement, our kids have learned that being a good American watch means these figures give them everything on the playground.

So why isn’t sports a division today, it seems to be a place of division? Something that uses us to further isolate, does not unite us? When did competition become such a bad thing?

After 9/11 20 years ago, getting back into the sport was incredibly important. It was not just a sign that America would continue. It was a sign that we are confident and fearless. Eight years ago, tears turned to joy and roar when David Ortiz told the cowardly marathon terrorists whose city was Boston.

The same motivation exists today, since we were returning from the first lockdown we have all joined the crowd of fans whose proud voices carry our national anthem. But it creates an extreme divide between what we are told and what we see on the screen.

As you probably heard on Sunday, Dr. Anthony Anthony Fawcett is talking about whether we can have a Christmas rally. Okay, he did it on CBS. Between this and this. No matter how much the media fears these college and football-friendly games decree as super spreader events, the evidence shows that they have no legs to stand on.

In recent weeks, the use of sports to divide us has shifted to individual players and their personal beliefs about vaccines. NBA players like Jonathan Isaac and Dremond Green have put up clear protections to their own medical decision-making rights, making it clear that, yes, they’ve thought about it, to the frustration of excessive sports journalists who want to go with them. Narrative

And let’s talk about those journalists. Especially ESPN. The global leader has been a constant force for division in recent years, driving race and gender-centric narratives, praising leftist political demonstrations and even removing qualified journalists like Rachel Nichols in the service of the awakened program.

Just today, the excellent and talented Sage Steel race is facing widespread response for his comments on the Vaccine Mandate and many more.

Former ESPN host, Colin Kepernick bio-pick producer Gemel Hill called him a clown for expressing this opinion. According to ESPN, they took different views in a statement. But are they really? That would be a good test. Let’s consider someone whose ESPN has been in their programming for years: Kevin Blackstone, a professor of journalism in Maryland. What are some of his views?

Well, he repeatedly called on Israel to boycott all sports, even banning them from the Olympics as an all-type state. He called for the withdrawal of the All-Star team from Atlanta and even future sporting events in Georgia with their electoral laws. He called for a ban on military flyovers and the playing of the national anthem, which he called war music. He even complained of being forced to sit through it. This is a leftist academician whose opinion ESPN thinks you should listen to.

This is not a problem, as Age Shi Steel shares his views. He broke Rule No.1.

Americans are tired of this awful stupidity.

Especially when it is filled with the underlying hypocrisy of curiosity in China’s interests. By now, you know all about that story. How an American sports league was created in a corrupt foreign state with shoe makers, had to engage in all sorts of songs and dances, pretending to see otherwise because a GM dared to send a tweet.

LeBron James has many opinions, but China, what does he know about China?

As author Ethan Strauss, a longtime NBA reporter, writes: “It may be reasonable to assume that the NBA relies heavily on China and the United States, even though most of the TV money comes from US viewers.

This is not a question of Republicans or Democrats.

At times, you may ask, do they hate their customers for being American? What is actually happening here is intentional thinking? The desire to dissolve the fanbase that wants beer and trucks and action movies, and instead a fanbase where WNBA sells Michael Jordan’s new toxic masculinity.

Like many other aspects of American life, the sports establishment is turning against those who go to the games and buy tickets and rejoice.

It is run by both global corporations who no longer consider themselves American by birth, and a left-wing media complex that hates fans of the games they cover.

Closer to home, parents must be concerned about their daughters competing against their neighbor’s son because of the madness that divides them in the guise of tolerance.

Even proud lesbian athletes have expressed concern about allowing transgirls to compete against biological girls.

But despite all this, the sport finds a way.

Despite all our efforts to divide us, people have the same desire for that connection that unites us as fans.

My mother is a dedicated baseball fan. Here she is with her friend Scooter and Bobby. Over the years they have sat together and shared stories and secrets and delighted citizens throughout se tu. For the past 50 years, DC Sports has had strong opinions about everything.

There is no reason why people of different professions should end up as friends, but it is the power of sport.

It unites us in a way that amazes us. It gives us the ideal to struggle. Even if the leftists try to contaminate the sport with their waking program, their mission is ultimately ruined. They see sports as a tool to be used against people. Whether we know it binds us together as citizens and friends.

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